Roswell, it happens here — and wait, there’s more!

March 18, 2017 • Editorial

The July 1947 event just outside of Roswell is probably the most important UFO related event in American history.
First, very unusual looking debris was found near Corona, and then the military was informed, and then there was a press release, and then a retraction. If it was today, the retraction would have said, “Our bad. What our experts at Walker Army Air Field thought was a UFO, was just a dumb old weather balloon.”
Talk about fake news!
Actually it wasn’t the press that “faked” the news, it was our military. Once they realized what they had in their possession, including the small bodies they found, it’s been 70 years of denial from them. But there’s no denying what the rancher saw, and there’s no denying what Jesse Marcel Jr. saw.
And there’s no denying there’s a lot more to Roswell than what happened in 1947.
I’m a UFO/paranormal field investigator. I’ve been researching and investigating the 1947 Roswell incident for over 30 years.
When my children [auth] were quite young, my wife Tammy and I would pile them into our motor home and go on vacation. No matter where we went, I always figured out a route that included Roswell as one of the stops.
Back in the day, there were three UFO-related museums in Roswell I used to visit. I talked to people and researched material, while my wife and children waited patiently in the RV watching TV. Sometimes we would camp near Roswell, and other times I would have a four- to six-hour window, then it was back in the RV, driving to our next destination. Sure it was a lot of work, but it paid off.
I got to meet Glenn Dennis and Walter Haut. I spent time with them listening and learning about what happened back in ‘47. Then in the late 1990s, my sister Debbie Ziegelmeyer, who is a UFO field investigator out of Missouri, joined my obsession with Roswell to combine forces to step up the investigation. Tag-teaming at the International UFO Museum and Research Center, we acquired GPS coordinates to the debris site from Glenn Dennis. Now we were cooking!
With combined forces, Debbie and I started investigating the debris site. Well, one thing led to another, and we landed an opportunity to do a sanctioned archeology dig in 2002 for the SyFy Channel’s documentary, “The Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence,” hosted by Bryant Gumbel.
We found something back in 2002 on the first dig. A little triangular piece of metal reminiscent to what Jesse Marcel Jr. saw back in 1947.
Here’s how we found it.
It was our opinion that we were wasting way too much time, and digging way too deep, looking for artifacts from 1947. Out in the summer desert for five days, and digging holes over 100 centimeters, or 3 feet deep, volunteers started leaving.
At one time, they started to revolt against the people in charge. One of them I had to tackle before he yanked one of the head honchos out of the camera helicopter. By the way, I never got a thank you from that head honcho.
I’m not revealing any names because that’s not important. What is important was what happened afterward: Debbie and I convinced the lead archeologist, my good friend now, Dr. Bill Doleman, to let us run our own dig for a day.
It was that last dig that found the little triangular piece. We dug 1-by-3 meter strip digs only digging 8 to 10 centimeters in depth, in an area where erosion could have moved material over the years since 1947.
Debbie and I will talk about that little artifact, along with what we learned, at this year’s “Roswell Daily Record’s Roswell Incident” festival. But wait, there’s more!
In 2007, while lecturing at the Roswell Civic Center, we were approached by Roswell resident Robert Ridge. He showed us a very unusual rock with a crop circle design on it, which he found just outside the city.
We took it upon ourselves to spend a year trying to find the origins of this rock, and debunk its very existence. With no luck debunking the rock and realizing Robert had a very significant artifact in his possession, in 2008 right in Roswell’s Civic Center, we ran a press release, christening the rock, “The Roswell Rock.”
But wait, there’s even more!
Just last year, my sister and I were lecturing for the Roswell Cosmicon, and on July 3, late Sunday night, we decided to drive out to the area where the Roswell Rock was found. It was at that location we had our own UFO experience, and we’ll share what we saw and what we learned at our lecture in July.
So if you think the only unusual event in Roswell happened in 1947, then you’re sadly mistaken, because Roswell is still a hot spot and is being watched. The $100 question is: Who’s watching, and why?
C-ya at Roswell!
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