Historically Speaking — Interview with a blacksmith

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Rufus Henry Dunnahoo, third from left, in front of the first building in Roswell, built in 1869 by Van Smith. It served as a hotel and later as the home of Capt. Joseph Lea. It later became known as Capt. Joseph Lea’s boarding house. The building was demolished in 1913 (Photo courtesy of the Historical [&hellip...

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MainStreet Roswell First Friday to include dining, shopping, live entertainment

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A local jazz band performs in April at Reischman Park. The urban park on North Main Street will be the location for live entertainment during Roswell MainStreet’s First Friday Downtown Market, which will begin Sept. 2 (File photo). MainStreet Roswell and...


‘Lord’ of the Hammond leaves indelible musical mark

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On the Seventh Day at 11:47 p.m., God created the Hammond drawbar organ. And God liked the Hammond for its fat, bodacious sound that celebrated the glory of his name. I’m being facetious, of course. The Hammond electric organ — with its unique sliding...


1926 RHS Dramatic Club stands tall with ‘Daddy Long Legs’

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Story and photo submitted by the Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico Editor’s note. This article was originally published in the Roswell Daily Record in January 1926. Entirely lacking of the flavor of amateurism, “Daddy Long Legs” was presented...


Living Desert Zoo and Gardens sure to delight

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State park in nearby Carlsbad is an excellent family day trip for Roswellians Above: A black bear and a wild boar called a javelina. Below: Jane Bujac, a volunteer and general worker in the gift shop, shows some of the turquoise jewelry for sale. Bottom left:...


This zoo is for you!

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Zoo Intern Ayrin Meeks holds Shirley, a coati recently acquired by the Spring River Park & Zoo. Shirley’s sister, Laverne, sits on the shoulder of Zookeeper Andrea Cole as members of the Friends of the Roswell Zoo meet and greet these adorable animals,...


Oh, how I will miss Hastings

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The Daily Record has covered the bankruptcy and closing of Hastings Entertainment stores, including our local store, extensively over the past couple of weeks, but as a multiple times-per-week shopper I’d like to throw in my two cents. When I moved back to...


Historically Speaking — the golden age of cinema

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While Roswell presently has two excellent movie theaters, Galaxy 8 and the Icon, back in the old days the Alien City had several smaller theaters. Above is the Yucca Theater on West Third Street, which opened April 17, 1931. Below the Princess Theater, 305 N....


Beautiful, strange, unusual: The music of Claude Debussy

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Nearly everyone who takes piano lessons learns how to play “Clair de Lune” by Claude Debussy, and I was no exception. I think I learned it twice. First in a simplified version in one of a series of method books that progress from one level to the next....


Interesting connections discovered through historical research

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Above: Jane (Cooney) Baker By Janice Dunnahoo Special to the Daily Record Doing research at the Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico, which often involves helping families looking up old houses or businesses, is always rewarding and...