Historically Speaking

July 16, 2016 • VistasComments (0)

Above: A tank parade in downtown Roswell. This photo was likely taken during World War II. Below: This photo of a sign at the Roswell Army Air Field was likely taken during the 1940s. The Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan, was part of the wing (Photos courtesy of Historical Society [&hellip...

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I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

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Above: Don’t cross the streams! The new ghostbusters are Abby (Melissa McCarthy), Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon), Erin (Kristen Wiig) and Patty (Leslie Jones) in Columbia Pictures’ “Ghostbusters.” Below: Director Paul Feig and cinematographer Robert...


Downtown farmers’ market in full swing

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Roswell’s annual farmers’ market had a great start on July 9 with more than 30 booths that offered anything from lavender, to vegetables to arts and crafts. The market takes place every Saturday morning from 7-11 a.m. on the Chaves County Courthouse lawn...


From White Oaks to World War I

July 9, 2016 • VistasComments (0)

Left: Kenneth Robert Watson as a young man just before he was drafted in 1917. Right: Watson as a child (Story and photos submitted by the Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico). The brief life of Kenneth Robert Watson, nephew of Sara Lund...


Keeping traditional liturgical music alive

July 9, 2016 • VistasComments (0)

Janet Floyd Gorbitz is the director of Assumption Catholic Church Chant Choir, which will be performing with St. Peter’s choir during the Mass for Cardinal Francis Arinze on July 17 (Timothy P. Howsare Photo). Since the 1970s, many churches across the...


Cardinal to celebrate Mass at St. Peter

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Cardinal Francis Arinze   Top: St. Peter Catholic Church as it looked during January’s snow storm. Above: The Poor Clares Monastery was established in Roswell in 1948 after a small group of Poor Clares migrated here from Chicago. This week will be the...


Getting a B-24 bomber out of Turkey no small task for a 23-year-old captain

July 3, 2016 • VistasComments (0)

From left on camels, Capt. Morgan Nelson, Lt. Arthur Jaquette and Lt. Robert Cox with a group of local camel herders. This photo was taken in Egypt sometime between 1942 and 1944 (All photo courtesy of Morgan Nelson).   Top: Nelson on a donkey in Facus...

independence day

‘Resurgence’ delivers as entertaining sequel

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Oh no! Not London on the Thames! Is this the chaos that ensued after Great Britain left the European Union? Breathe easy, anglophiles. It’s a promotional still from “Independence Day: Resurgence ” (Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox).   They’re...


UFO Festival invades Roswell 

June 25, 2016 • VistasComments (0)

ET phone Roswell. The mural on the south wall of the International UFO Museum and Research Center (Timothy P. Howsare Photo).  The International UFO Museum and Research Center and MainStreet Roswell are proud to announce the 21st annual Roswell UFO...


Lee Speigel brings voices from the past to the Roswell Incident

June 25, 2016 • VistasComments (0)

After more than 40 years investigating and writing about UFO phenomena, Lee Speigel stands by one of his earliest decisions. “I’ve always said, if it’s not any fun, I’m not gonna do it,” Speigel said. “So many people in this field seem to believe...