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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with dinner and murder mystery at the RMAC

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Cast members of the Neverland Theatre Co. may be a little off balance, but their hearts are in the right place as they assist the Roswell Museum and Art Center Foundation in a fundraiser for the planetarium. Below: The Robert H. Goddard Planetarium (File Photos). By Cindy Torrez Special to the Daily Record The Roswell [&hellip...

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RSO concert to feature 18-year-old pianist

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Mozart lovers don’t want to miss this one. The Roswell Symphony Orchestra presents its third subscription concert of the 2016-17 concert season, Magnificent Mozart, at 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 4. The concert will be held at Pearson Auditorium on the New Mexico...


NMMI’s mighty theater organ

January 15, 2017 • VistasComments (0)

New Mexico Military Institute’s prized theater organ is kept offstage in Pearson Auditorium. NMMI music director Lt. Col. Steven Thorp said it is the largest theater organ in New Mexico. Below: A closeup of the plaque that is attached to the left side of...


Historically Speaking — Fact or fiction: The story of William ‘Uncle Kit’ Carson

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From left: “Uncle Kit” Carson, who falsely claimed to be the nephew of the famed American frontiersman who died in 1868, Sheriff Pat O’Neal and Ruth Red Cloud. In his later years, “Uncle Kit” lived in Roswell and was a popular fixture in local...


A tale of two courthouses

January 8, 2017 • VistasComments (0)

The first Chaves County Courthouse opened on Jan. 1, 1891. It stood where the current courthouse is today. This was also the site of the first and only hanging in Roswell, held on the south lawn (Photos courtesy of the Historical Society for Southeast New...


Reconnecting with Stan Getz

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I agree with vinyl fanatics that playback on vinyl does have a slightly warmer sound than on CD. A vinyl record is an analog recording, and CDs and DVDs are digital recordings. Original sound, by definition, is analog. A digital recording takes snapshots of...


Statewide talent comes to Roswell

January 7, 2017 • VistasComments (0)

Photos by InSight Foto Inc. Above: New Mexico School for the Arts-Art Institute senior Sam Barrett performing on cello. Below: Adan Gallegos, tenor, singing the role of Floyd Collins, a musical based on the life and death of the famed Kentucky cave explorer....


Angelic voices like musical frescos

January 1, 2017 • VistasComments (0)

The Sistine Chapel Choir performing in May 2015 (Photo courtesy of the Vatican City Page). Pope Francis has his own choir at the Sistine Chapel It’s good to be the pope. You get to travel the world, ride around in the “Popemobile” and confer with world...


‘Flowing wells’ of Roswell spurred economic growth … and grew lots of trees

January 1, 2017 • VistasComments (0)

A 1938 arial photograph of Cahoon Park. As in present times, shade trees line many of the city’s streets (Photos courtesy of the Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico). Submitted by Janice Dunahoo  Special to the Daily Record Below is an article...


‘Paradise Lost and Found’ takes stage

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From left, John Bitner, Shelly Forrester and Julie Ferguson during rehearsals of “Paradise Lost and Found” (Christina Stock Photo). New play by RCLT promises lots of laughter Tickets are now on sale for the new comedy “Paradise Lost and Found”...