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This one’s a droner...



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Love him or hate him, you couldn’t ignore him. And he made a difference. You will be remembered, Tom Tarter...

A disservice to veterans

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In an age of partisan polarization, there are few issues that generate as much political unanimity as the need to care for America’s veterans. Consensus, however, can have its drawbacks. When everyone in Washington agrees on a specific goal, the lack of...

VAMC Medical Center

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Dear editor, I empathize with those veterans who have had to wait five-plus months for an appointment at VAMC Medical Center, Albuquerque. I’ve had some of those and coupled with an approximate 400-plus round trip drive often in bad weather and poor road...

The upcoming magistrate judge election

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Dear Editor, The upcoming magistrate judge election to be held in early June has drawn a lot of attention regarding two candidates, Honorable K.C. Rogers, the current judge, and Mr. Arnett. There is only one good choice for Roswell, and that is Judge K.C....

Dear Editor:

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I read with interest the front page article on Tuesday, May 6, about the meeting of the Chaves County Republicans where they “vowed to take back the House.” The guest speaker was Dianna J. Duran, New Mexico secretary of state. She stated that her office...

Dear Editor,

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This letter is in response to the letter by Rudy Sanchez. There is no comparison between the Kennedy brothers assassination and Benghazi. Benghazi is a cover—up by a president who purposely lied to the nation and then went to a fundraiser in Las Vegas. Four...

Hats off to local candidates

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As the editor of the Roswell Daily Record I personally want to thank the four candidates running for county sheriff and the two running for magistrate judge for responding to the newspaper’s Q&A that was published in Thursday’s newspaper. It is clear...

Dear Editor:

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As I write this letter, I am trying to be as tolerant and objective as possible regarding the very apparent bias shown by the Roswell Daily Record toward some of the candidates vying for positions in the upcoming primary election. One would hope that...