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What are the odds...

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Now ISIS is setting its sights on the Land of Enchantment.  Apparently enchantment is not allowed under Sharia Law...

Dear Editor: 4-25-15

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Dear editor, With the recent traffic death of a school teacher and authorities mentioning that alcohol might be involved, just put into motion my thoughts as to how much I hate alcohol. I hurt for the family of Mrs. Johnson, her children, her grandchildren...



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This is the centennial of the Armenian Genocide.  It is well past time our leaders acknowledged it...

Dear Editor: 4-24-15

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Dear editor, As an owner of recreational riding horses in New Mexico since 1992, I was taken aback yesterday when my mailbox produced a letter from the Eddy County Assessor, including an unexplained “rendering form” showing different kinds of livestock....

Dear Editor: 4-23-15

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Dear editor,  Whatever happened to KBIM Talk Radio? It seems they have stopped talking. Here we are in Roswell/Chaves County, the bastion of conservatism. How are we supposed to get by without Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity? I can pick up the Artesia station...

Dear Editor: 4-21-15

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Dear editor, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the organizations and potential volunteers who attended on April 4 Faire at the Roswell Convention Center. The event was hosted by the Salvation Army’s Roswell Corps led by Lt. Joe West. All...



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Glad the powers that be are finally starting to recognize the value of public safety...

Letter 04-18-15

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Dear editor, Just to let people know Roswell has good cops. Yesterday I was at work, Allsup’s 286, when a truck was broken down at the four-way stop. I saw someone was trying to give them a jump but it wouldn’t start. Instead of leaving, this gentleman...



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Funny how the arrow on Hillary’s logo is pointing to the right...