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No cats were harmed in the making of this cartoon. Unfortunately...

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Or the Fourth Branch of Government in the United Sates, not having a parliament consisting of three estates. Perhaps Alternative Media, such as the Internet, will pick up where old Media has LEFT off...

Dear editor,

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I was disappointed this year when Party on the Pecos came around, and they chose to hold it at Cielo Grande, instead of at Calhoun Park. Calhoun Park has all those shade trees. It’s cooler, more artsy, has lots of space. There is a real sense of atmosphere...

Dear Editor,

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I read and agree with Mr. Cloutier’s letter to the editor regarding the attack on Bobby Arnett. It is hard to believe that Mr. Bell limited his commentary to the candidate’s qualifications and was not motivated by a personal agenda. Becoming an Eagle...



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They didn’t have a Secret List at the Veterans Administration hospitals, just like they don’t have a culling process of who can and can’t be treated under Obamacare. This should be called the Hypocritical Oath...

Dear Editor:

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Please institute or enforce some form of conflict-of-interest policy for your editorial cartoonist. Mr. Bell is a talented caricaturist. In a small city like Roswell, an editorial cartoonist who focuses on current, local events is bound to hurt some feelings....

Dear editor,

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The Sunday, May 4, article about the recent Democratic gubernatorial debate made one thing crystal clear: The politicians running against Gov. Susana Martinez will do or say anything to get elected. Instead of discussing ways to improve our state, the...

An open letter to the Koch brothers,

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We have seen your influence in our country for some time now. You have managed to get the Supreme Court to rule in favor of the rich and against the rest of us in quite a few cases. Do you really believe you can buy our country and create your own feudal...

Dear Editor,

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The Roswell Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Maestro John Farrer, recently presented a Young Person’s Concert to over 800 fourth-grade students from the Roswell community. This concert introduces our youth to orchestral music around the time in...



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In case you missed it, the Leadership Roswell Alumni Association’s Candidate Forum is being rebroadcast on Cable One’s channel 75 and on Leadership Roswell’s website at