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And just like that, America has gun control. [/auth...

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Prime Minister Netanyahu is a brave man, standing up to those who would hasten Israel’s destruction.  Astonishing, the history we are witnessing.  This must have been what the 1930s felt like. [/auth...

Dear Editor: 3-4-15

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Dear Editor: Our household applauds the success of the four ENMU-R instructors who recently were cleared by committee of fraud. We have absolutely no doubt that, once again, faculty has been used as a scapegoat by administrators who either have ulterior...

Dear Editor: 3-3-15

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Dear Editor, So, at ENMU-R it’s OK to be both the teacher and the teacher’s assistant and get paid for both? Gee, that’s great. Maybe these guys could also be the students and collect financial aid? I guess the disciplinary (panel) had to find these...

Dear Editor: 3-1-15

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Dear editor, Recently, my child brought home a book that was given to him at school titled “The Little People’s Guide To The Big World” and written by T. Romain. It’s an encouraging book with short poems in it about common life experiences, like...



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And so she did. [/auth...



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Say “hi” to DeForest and James for us. [/auth...



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Hollywood did something really strange.  No, not put on an Academy Awards telecast with the host in his underwear, it made a movie people actually wanted to see:  “American Sniper.”  Kudos, Mr. Eastwood. [/auth...

Dear Editor: 2-24-15

February 23, 2015 • Dear EditorComments (2)

Dear editor, I read with interest in this Sunday’s Roswell Daily Record, Feb. 22, your column supporting Attorney General Hector Balderas’ new legislation that will ‘close a loophole in the state’s child pornography law.’ Mr. Howsare, I share your...



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I’m still here. [/auth...