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We wanted a local district attorney. We should have gone for competency. [/auth...

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This is really amazing–a business started one hundred years ago (the year World War I began!) and is still here, in the same location. Hats off to everyone at House of Flowers! [/auth...



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Be thankful this year we don’t live in a city victimized by professional anarchists. [/auth...



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Two more Thanksgivings to go. [/auth...

Dear Editor: 11-27-14

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Dear editor, We want to thank Roswell Animal Control and the volunteers who help animals at the shelter for our newest family member. We adopted “Alex” after seeing his photo on the Roswell Urgent Animals at Animal Control Facebook page. Currently, stray...

Dear Editor: 11-26-14

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Dear editor, As you may be aware, one of our current municipal judges resigned as of December 31st of this year Approximately two years ago, the City Council reduced the requirements for this position from a college degree to age 25 and a G.E.D. A G.E.D.,...



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Four-way stops mean four drivers directing traffic in Roswell. [/auth...

Dear Editor: 11-22-14

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Dear editor, I want to praise and congratulate the staff and students at Roswell High School for the beautiful ceremony presented to our veterans on Monday, Nov. 10. It was awesome. The respect shown by the students during the entire ceremony, the Big Red...



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Actually, I don’t think he’s in denial. He just doesn’t care what the voters said. [/auth...



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That’s what this is really all about. [/auth...