Dear Editor: 7-30-14

July 30, 2014 • Dear EditorComments Off

Dear editor, Since the city has found big money to repair Union, ramps, curbs, etc., they have enough left to put driveway aprons, curbs and sidewalks north of Stone on Delaware to 12th Street. They stopped on Stone almost 70 years ago and now when it rains (thank God it’s not that often) Delaware is [&hellip...

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Crunch time on Iran nuke talks

July 29, 2014 • EditorialComments Off

Since the minute he set foot in the White House, President Obama has pursued one foreign policy objective with uncharacteristic clarity and focus: avoiding war with Iran. Whatever the merits of the goal, the approach has actually been a narrow success. Now,...

Let’s see if I have this straight.

July 29, 2014 • Dear EditorComments Off

Dear editor, Let’s see if I have this straight. Hamas fires hundreds of rockets into Israel with the intent of harming Israeli civilians. Israel sends the military to clear out the area from which the rockets are being fired. Israel also finds tunnels that...

In defense of the quality of the RDR

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Dear Editor, In defense of the quality of the RDR: When Tim Howsare became editor, we were working with a fairly new staff, having recently lost long-time editor Andrew Poertner, long-time night editor Peg Tremper, several writers, the assistant sports writer...

Dear Editor: 7-27-14

July 27, 2014 • Dear EditorComments Off

Dear Editor, On Thursday, I called the city park (department), the mayor’s office and the city manager. I explained to all of them that our water bill went up last year after the city approved a water increase. So why is the city of Roswell wasting water?...

No good deed goes unpunished

July 27, 2014 • EditorialComments (1)

The Roswell Animal Control Services have come under fire from local and national animal rescue groups since the city put the department under the purview of the Roswell Police Department. As of July 1, the shelter has been euthanizing animals on the eighth...

Texas still lives on in heart of this ZZ Top fan

July 27, 2014 • Editorial, OpinionComments Off

When I told my former work mates at The Pampa News that I was moving to Roswell to accept the editor position here, I said that although I would miss them all, I was happy to get away from the relentless Panhandle winds. The one who had lived in Silver City...



July 27, 2014 • CartoonsComments Off

Taxing authority. Bet you didn’t know they had it, did you? Next time you pay your property taxes, you will. [/auth...

Dear Editor: 7-26-14

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Dear editor, I once saw a movie called Antz, It’s an animated full length cartoon about an ant colony. The opening scene is the main character ant sitting in a psychiatrist’s office saying, “I feel so insignificant.” The psychiatrist ant relies,...



July 26, 2014 • CartoonsComments Off

Scary thought: the Soviet Union is reforming, and we have Jimmy Carter in the White House again. [/auth...