Dear Messrs Corman and Hunter,

April 2, 2014 • Dear EditorComments Off

Thank you for your replies to my letter. You raise some interesting points. I do apologize that you took offense at my comments. However l merely ask that you and Mr. Smotherman study your Bible for correct and truthful information. You portray Mr. Smotherman as a nice man, doing much for parts of the community. [&hellip...

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Dear Editor,

April 2, 2014 • Dear EditorComments Off

I saw the letter by Donnell Hunter (3-19) saying John Watson should not attack Troy Smothermon, but didn’t Janet Wertz say in a letter on 3-1 that Troy had publicly defamed the character of Art Sandoval? She also says Pastor Smothermon from Church on the...



March 30, 2014 • CartoonsComments Off

Nipper was acquitted of all charges, but was found in contempt of court for chasing a laser pointer during closing arguments. [/auth...



March 29, 2014 • CartoonsComments Off

Ping…ping…Something’s fishy here…ping…ping…ping…. [/auth...



March 28, 2014 • CartoonsComments Off

Art’s lifelong dream was to be an editorial cartoonist, since he didn’t realize that ambition lots of people will miss him. So long, Art. Hope I make it to 95 like you. [/auth...



March 23, 2014 • CartoonsComments Off

…Or he’ll huff, and he’ll puff, and he’ll blow your freedoms in! [/auth...



March 22, 2014 • CartoonsComments Off

And now the Crimea is crimson again, red lines or no. [/auth...



March 21, 2014 • CartoonsComments Off

Tumblin’ tumbleweeds, and you have to haul ‘em to the dump yourselves, folks. I don’t know how they weigh these things, but that’s the way we roll in Roswell. [/auth...

far-away Florida

March 20, 2014 • Dear Editor, OpinionComments Off

Dear Editor, The last thing Roswell needs is a far-away Florida company to oversee our gas company. It bodes nothing but trouble. Keep it local. Sally Jo Davis [/auth...

Editorial – 03-21-14

March 20, 2014 • EditorialComments Off

Every time Kathleen Sebelius testifies before Congress, President Obama’s secretary of health and human services reminds us why she is unfit for her Cabinet post: She is a serial dissembler. The latest example is her appearance this week before the House...