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Dudes on bikes–it’s not necessarily for their health. [/auth...

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inspection of local restaurants for compliance with health regulations

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Dear editor, Recently we contacted the local office of the State of New Mexico Environmental Department regarding inspection of local restaurants for compliance with health regulations. Discussion with a representative of the local office indicated...

Amtrak, Donald Trump, China, expanding monster

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By Glenn Mollette I am sad for the eight people and their families who died and the many others injured because of the recent Amtrak disaster. Tragedy can happen regardless of ownership. I wish we didn’t own Amtrak. Our federal government should get out of...



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Disney CEO Bob Iger is one of eight co-chairs of the Partnership for a New American Economy, a leading group advocating for an increase in the H-1B visa cap.  Get that?  A NEW American economy. [/auth...

As U.K. elections go, goes US?

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Does Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron’s smashing re-election victory last week in the United Kingdom presage good fortunes for Republicans in the 2016 presidential race? We’re not making predictions. But history has shown a strong — although...



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Our town is marinating in drugs, which might explain this decision by the Extraterritiorial Zoning Commission Tuesday night. [/auth...

Dear Editor: 5-14-15

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Dear editor, My paper was late again today, but it was well worth the wait. I realize the story the paper was waiting for is very important to our community. Roswell has done something progressive for a change. Kudos to the Roswell-Chaves County...

Dear Editor: 5-10-15

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Dear editor, In response to the article written May 8 regarding a proposed medical marijuana farm, it is unfortunate that the business owners for the proposed business were not a large part of the story so they could have responded to concerns that were...



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Brave lady, lucky lad. [/auth...



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Well, they told us to expect big things. [/auth...