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When City Manager candidate Steven Polasek said, “Roswell is an island,” how many of us nodded our heads in approbation? Truer words were ne’er spoken. [/auth...

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September 6, 2014 • CartoonsComments (0)

You know things are gonna get crazy when the fireflies show up. [/auth...

Dear Editor: 9-5-14

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Dear editor, I feel compelled to respond to Mr. Wolfert’s letter to the editor published Sept. 3. In his letter, he makes spurious allegations about the officers of the Roswell Police Department. First Mr. Wolfert, the RPD does not believe itself to be at...



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A winning formula: raise money for the ALS Association by making everyone feel like a celebrity dumping ice water on their heads. Genius. [/auth...

Dear Editor: 9-4-14

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Dear editor, It appears that your publication, on Sept. 2, of my letter regarding Roswell Police Department’s armored fighting vehicle, MRAP, and accoutrements, and a simultaneous essay on the editorial page, have stirred up a discussion. Ordinarily I would...

Dear Editor: 9-3-14

September 3, 2014 • Dear EditorComments (1)

Dear editor, I would like to take this opportunity to respond to Mr. Dave Clary’s letter published on Sept. 2, wherein he decries the Roswell Police Department’s possession of a MRAP, the SWAT team uniforms, weaponry, and equipment. Mr. Clary does not, or...

Dear Editor: 9-2-14

September 2, 2014 • Dear EditorComments Off

Dear editor, While we with the Roswell Runners Club would like to have donated $30,000 to the Roswell Humane Society as stated in the photo caption in the Sunday edition of the Record (Vistas, page C2), that is incorrect. The Alien Chase has partnered with...



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Bloodsucker! I wonder which firm employs him. [/auth...


Editor confesses sordid tale of driving beater cars

August 30, 2014 • Dear Editor, EditorialComments Off

Tim Howsare’s 2000 Chevrolet S10 and 2013 Hyundai Accent parked next to each other at the Roswell Daily Record. Howsare recently donated the truck to a church, which will fix it up for a worthy member. (Timothy P. Howsare Photo) Hell finally did freeze...



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Even then, they knew. [/auth...