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Strange how criminals ignore gun laws, isn’t it? [/auth...

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Dear Editor: 1-17-15

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Dear editor, I have followed the news reports of terrorism for more than 50 years. My first recollections were the acts of Yasser Arafat until the most recent in France and Africa. Hundreds of thousands have been displaced, murdered, kidnapped or assassinated...

Dear Editor: 1-16-15

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Dear editor, January is Sunrise Optimist Club’s membership drive time. We are looking for those in our community who want to make Roswell a better place for the youth. The following article explains what Optimism and the Sunrise Optimist Club is all about....



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Every time they tell us that our property taxes won’t go up…because they keep rolling over the tax increases they’ve already imposed upon us. [/auth...

Dear Editor: 1-15-15

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Dear editor, The Southeastern Veterans Transportation Network just wrapped up a very successful 2014 and we wish to thank all our generous Roswell organizations that supported us in 2014. As usual, the Roswell Elks Lodge 969 held a well-attended golf...



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Law enforcement is seeing the effect of diminished local treatment:  more crime. [/auth...

A trip to a City Council meeting

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My editor, Tim Howsare, thought it would be a good learning experience for me as an intern to go with our city editor and see a City Council meeting. So Thursday I went with Randal Seyler to see the January City Council meeting and was able to see the...

Full behavioral health audit reports must be released

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In the late 1970s, Meatloaf, the jumbo-sized pop singer with the equally large voice, extolled on his platinum album “Bat Out of Hell” that “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad.” But three out of 15 is far from acceptable by any standard. That’s only 20...



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The shape of things to come in America? [/auth...

Dear Editor: 1-10-15

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Dear Editor, Mr. Ford’s letter to the RDR presents an incomplete picture of immigration based on feelings and emotions. Unlike those who are coming from Central America, our ancestors who he mentions, came here legally. Those found to be with unacceptable...