Dear Editor,

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I see people defending the good work of Pastor Troy and I wonder if his church could be a church for me. I’m not gullible though, and I have researched what the early Christian Congregation was like. If this church is just like the early church then I may join. These are a few of [&hellip...

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Dear Editor, 3-30-14

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In her letter in defense of Mr. Smotherman, Lacy Corman has misapplied Mark 12:17. She says that this passage proves that Jesus was involved in politics. To the contrary, his response shows that he avoided a political stance. Jesus’ enemies, the Pharisees...

Dear Editor,

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The letter by Lacy Corman (3-25-2014) defending Pastor Smotherman was very disturbing. First it shows that you can take one scripture and make it mean anything you want. You think that Jesus statement “give Caesars things to Caesar and God’s...

Dear Editor,

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Well it appears that Russell Scott has repeated a critical mistake that was exposed previously with Dan Parsons years ago. In his letter dated Tuesday, March 25th he uses the example of the evildoer on the stake next to Jesus repenting at the last moment and...

Dear Messrs Corman and Hunter,

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Thank you for your replies to my letter. You raise some interesting points. I do apologize that you took offense at my comments. However l merely ask that you and Mr. Smotherman study your Bible for correct and truthful information. You portray Mr. Smotherman...

Dear Editor,

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I saw the letter by Donnell Hunter (3-19) saying John Watson should not attack Troy Smothermon, but didn’t Janet Wertz say in a letter on 3-1 that Troy had publicly defamed the character of Art Sandoval? She also says Pastor Smothermon from Church on the...



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Nipper was acquitted of all charges, but was found in contempt of court for chasing a laser pointer during closing arguments...



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Ping…ping…Something’s fishy here…ping…ping…ping&#...



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Art’s lifelong dream was to be an editorial cartoonist, since he didn’t realize that ambition lots of people will miss him. So long, Art. Hope I make it to 95 like you...



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…Or he’ll huff, and he’ll puff, and he’ll blow your freedoms in!...