Partisan divides don’t make much difference

July 29, 2015 • EditorialComments (0)

Last week I heard a DJ on the radio talking about a list of the most liberal and conservative cities in the U.S., so I looked it up online. Turns out it’s a dated listing, from last August, but I’d say it’s still applicable. And, hey, it’s a “Top 10” list and that always gets [&hellip...

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Dear Editor: We must be faithful to the Lord, despite Supreme Court ruling

July 28, 2015 • Dear EditorComments (0)

As I write this it is Independence Day 2015. It was 239 years ago that 56 men promised, “And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance of the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our...



July 26, 2015 • CartoonsComments (0)

Never mind the murders and violent deaths, what’s the deal with the young people consistently in the obituaries? [/auth...



July 25, 2015 • CartoonsComments (0)

10,000 protesters against this Iran deal…in Times Square?  Perhaps New Yorkers don’t want to be a terrorism target again. [/auth...

Homelessness a small town problem, too

July 24, 2015 • EditorialComments (0)

It’s easy to see homelessness as more of an urban problem, since that’s where it’s more visible. But it’s a problem in smaller cities and towns too, as is evident virtually everywhere. Poverty rates are often higher in small towns than they are in the...

Dear Editor: Kudos to Sertoma Club for fireworks

July 24, 2015 • Dear EditorComments (0)

The Roswell Parks and Recreation Department would like to thank the community for their support of the Roswell Sertoma Club Mike Satterfield July 4th Fireworks Extravaganza. The Roswell Sertoma Club gives very generously and we salute them for their...



July 24, 2015 • CartoonsComments (0)

It does seem that mass murderers prefer areas where they know no one can fire back. [/auth...

Dear Editor: No saguaros in NM and other historical inaccuracies

July 21, 2015 • Dear EditorComments (0)

Some folks just keep on getting it wrong when it comes to New Mexico history. In the interest of historical accuracy, some corrections are in order. A recent PBS special about John Denver stated that he was born “Henry John Deutschendorf Jr.” at the...

Dear Editor: Roswell Animal Shelter a ‘hellhole’

July 21, 2015 • Dear EditorComments (0)

Your (city animal) shelter is an absolute disgrace and hellhole for any animal surrendered or stray that ends up in this miserable place. Regardless of empty cages and space, after seven days healthy, wonderful, dogs and cats — kittens and puppies are...



July 19, 2015 • CartoonsComments (0)

Salazar the Asian Water Monitor Lizard was recently returned to his owners, safe and sound.  Ken Salazar, former Secretary of the Interior in the Obama administration, has also been located beneath his oversized Stetson. [/auth...