Dear Editor: 9-30-14

September 30, 2014 • Dear EditorComments (0)

Dear editor, The U.S. Congress has a public approval rating of 7 percent. Incredibly, approximately 85 percent of the incumbents will be re-elected and sent back to Washington D.C. This absolutely boggles my mind until I started thinking about the explanation for this. Explanation No. 1: My guy is all right but everyone else’s guy [&hellip...

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Dear Editor: 9-27-14

September 26, 2014 • Dear EditorComments (0)

Dear Editor, In reference to Mayor Kintigh’s letter in today’s (paper), Sept. 23, 2014, at last a voice of reason regarding our Police Department and the militarization of law enforcement of our area’s law enforcement in general. While he brought up...

Dear Editor: 9-26-14

September 25, 2014 • Dear EditorComments (0)

Dear editor, Much has been written lately about recent events in Gaza and in Israel. No intelligent, sensitive person wants to see anyone suffer and needlessly killed, especially children. Why is the Arab hatred of the Jews so relentless? They had to be...

Dear Editor: 9-25-14

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Dear editor, In 1942, I spent five months in Palestine with the U.S. Air Force. We were stationed 9 miles out of Nazareth in the Plain of Esdraelon ,or the biblical Armageddon. In the time I had off, I spent it studying the Holy Lands and their people....

Dear Editor: 9-24-14

September 24, 2014 • Dear EditorComments (0)

Dear editor, Welcome home Miss New Mexico. Yes, our very own Miss Roswell, Jessica Burson, represented our state in the Miss America Pageant, and she was terrific. She won the $5,000 scholarship award. As you journey through this year and represent New Mexico...

Juanita Gowman

September 23, 2014 • OpinionComments (0)

A Celebration of Life memorial service for Juanita Gowman, 89, of Roswell, will be at 2 p.m., Friday, Sept. 26, 2014, at Church on the Move. Juanita passed away Monday, Sept. 22, 2014, peacefully into the arms of her Lord. She will be greatly missed by all...

Dear Editor: 9-23-14

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Dear editor, I left Thursday’s county commission meeting completely puzzled as to why they passed a resolution against recreational marijuana. The resolution has no teeth in it and means nothing yet it made headline news in the Daily Record. One...

How to become part of the solution

September 21, 2014 • EditorialComments (0)

When I lived in South Carolina I heard the expression “Thank God for Mississippi!” so many times that I was starting to believe it was the state’s motto. When ranked with the other 50 states, South Carolina was nearly always second-to-last in everything...



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Autumn already. Get your rakes out. [/auth...



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Valerie Jarrett has all the answers. [/auth...