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The other Roswell Incident. [/auth...

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Don’t take our freedoms for granted

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A couple of months ago, a reader sent an email to me requesting that the newspaper stop using the term “illegal immigrants” and instead use the words “undocumented immigrant.” I’m not sure if it was a reaction to the series of stories we did on...



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Liberty.  Remember that? [/auth...

The latest chapter in civil rights in the US

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Americans have seen a lot of civil rights advancements over the past half-century, with a launching point for other causes coming out of the modern-day Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and ’60s. That’s when some inalienable rights for African Americans...



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Like the old proverb says:  be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. [/auth...

Charleston’s tragedy, nation’s wound

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In the wake of the murders at a Charleston, South Carolina, church, details are sinking in — and with them, the recognition that racism lives, breathes and festers, even as we dream that it is a thing of the past. A man just 21 — looking more like a...

A waterlogged nation fails to learn from its repeated floods

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In 2011, as a wall of water was surging down the Missouri River toward St. Louis, engineer Matt Hunn was keeping an eye on the rolling flood from his Corps of Engineers office in downtown St. Louis. At the time, this page was urging changes to river policy in...

Dear Editor: Stop subsidizing meat industry

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Stop subsidizing meat industry Nearly 240 years ago, our founding fathers declared our national independence from Great Britain. This Fourth of July, let’s declare our independence from the meat industry. More than 60 percent of U.S. agricultural subsidies...



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Camouflage? [/auth...

Hispanic leadership summit a success

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The first Hispanic Leadership Summit took place Saturday at the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art. The committee would like to thank its 60 participants from all walks of life, particularly educators. We would also like to thank Mayor Kintigh for his...