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Four-way stops mean four drivers directing traffic in Roswell. [/auth...

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Dear Editor: 11-22-14

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Dear editor, I want to praise and congratulate the staff and students at Roswell High School for the beautiful ceremony presented to our veterans on Monday, Nov. 10. It was awesome. The respect shown by the students during the entire ceremony, the Big Red...



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Actually, I don’t think he’s in denial. He just doesn’t care what the voters said. [/auth...



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That’s what this is really all about. [/auth...

Dear Editor: 11-21-14

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Dear editor, Remember why. In the ways that we remember is to wear a poppy. People should remember because for those men and women who served our country to give us freedom was an amazing thing to do. Our country went into World War I in 1917 to save a...

Dear Editor: 11-19-14

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Dear editor: President Bush said if we left Iraq before our commanders said we were ready it would be dangerous for Iraq, the region and the United States. We would surrender the future of Iraq to Al-Qaeda, risk mass killings at a horrific scale, allow...

Dear Editor: 11-18-14

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Dear editor, This is my first year to homeschool one of my children and we love it. My daughter has ADHD and Asperger’s syndrome. She had a very hard time in public school with the children being unkind and even was suspended once for defending herself when...

Schlock king Corman’s best movie a financial disaster

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To any Baby Boomer, the name Roger Corman immediately conjures up memories of low-budget horror movies and sexploitation films like “Women in Cages” and equally violent biker-gang movies such as “The Wild Angels” that starred Peter Fonda and Nancy...



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Sixty-two years of one-party rule in New Mexico is finally over. Does that mean we’re still the land of enchantment? [/auth...

Dear Editor: 11-15-14

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Dear editor, My husband is a veteran (Vietnam), and proud of his duty to his country. But, we are not feeling very proud of our “All American City” of Roswell. This past weekend was the veteran’s parade. A lovely day considering the time of year. What...