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The signs of spring…in a primary election year. [/auth...

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Hear no drugs, see no drugs…. [/auth...



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They spent $100,000 taking out the asbestos. The thing sits right on top of Cielo Grande–where countless community events are staged, including Hike It And Spike It. Why not let someone transform this building into visitor space for the...



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To be perfectly blunt. However, at the eleventh hour the council may harsh yer buzz, man. Stay tuned. [/auth...



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Have badge–will travel. [/auth...



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Juggernaut. [/auth...

Dear Editor:

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We want to take this opportunity to thank our advocate for veterans, John Taylor, for his service to our country. John is an honorable man and we need more like him. We appreciate him and all others for helping to bring a cemetery for those that gave their...

To the Editor of the Roswell Daily Record,

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I was surprised and somewhat amused to find the following letter in my mail.   Russell, I have spoken with several other pastors and we all agree that you should immediately stop writing anymore letters to the editor. Are you insane? Haven’t you...

Dear Editor,

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I see people defending the good work of Pastor Troy and I wonder if his church could be a church for me. I’m not gullible though, and I have researched what the early Christian Congregation was like. If this church is just like the early church then I...

Dear Editor, 3-30-14

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In her letter in defense of Mr. Smotherman, Lacy Corman has misapplied Mark 12:17. She says that this passage proves that Jesus was involved in politics. To the contrary, his response shows that he avoided a political stance. Jesus’ enemies, the Pharisees...