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Garden Crest – Pruning Roswell’s trees since 1983

October 29, 2015 • Local Business ReviewComments (0)

Garden Crest recently pruned the trees in front of Roswell Seed Company. • Garden Crest has been pruning trees and shrubs in the Roswell area for 32 years, since 1983 • We provide quality, knowledgeable well-equipped fully-licensed and insured services for trees and shrubs in the Roswell area. It’s firewood season! We have firewood starting [&hellip...

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How to help and support schools

October 28, 2015 • Local Business ReviewComments (0)

Metrocreative Good schools help to harbor a strong sense of community. Children often make their first friends at school, and parents often meet their neighbors through school-sponsored activities. Students and school districts face a new set of challenges...


The dollar value of a good cause

October 27, 2015 • Local Business ReviewComments (0)

Metrocreative The last thing on volunteers’ minds as they donate their time is money, but there is no denying the financial value that millions of volunteers provide to the organizations they help. According to the Corporation for National and Community...


Ways to lend a helping hand to seniors

October 22, 2015 • Local Business ReviewComments (0)

Metrocreative Men and women looking to give back to their communities can do so in various ways. Some might coach youth sports teams, while others might organize food and clothing drives for the less fortunate. Giving back to seniors in your town or city is...


Veteran’s Day is November 11

October 21, 2015 • Local Business ReviewComments (0)

Metrocreative Military personnel are unsung heroes whose sacrifices for their country make it possible for hundreds of millions of people to enjoy freedoms that many people across the globe do not have. In recognition of those sacrifices, many people want to...


Protect your holiday purchases

October 20, 2015 • Local Business ReviewComments (0)

Metrocreative Holiday shoppers spend billions of dollars during the holiday rush. Although the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day make up a season marked by giving and sharing joy with others, criminals are well aware that the holiday season can...


Make sure gifts arrive on time

October 15, 2015 • Local Business ReviewComments (0)

Metrocreative Come the holiday season, shipping companies work around the clock to ensure packages, merchandise and more make it to their destinations on time. What would December holidays be without gifts under the tree? In 2013, overtaxed carriers failed to...


The basics of towing trailers

October 14, 2015 • Local Business ReviewComments (0)

Metrocreative Active adults and busy families understand that one perk to owning a pickup truck or an SUV is the ability to tow items behind the vehicle. Many of these trucks already come equipped with trailer hitches that make it possible to tow boats, RVs,...


Reduce unwanted charity requests

October 13, 2015 • Local Business ReviewComments (0)

Metrocreative Nonprofit organizations rely on the support of volunteers and other contributors to help achieve their goals. Financial contributions from donors help meet many of those goals, and soliciting donations is a large part of many organizations’...


Warning signs of disaster scams

October 8, 2015 • Local Business ReviewComments (0)

Metrocreative When natural disasters strike, many people immediately ask what they can do to help. Some may volunteer at disaster sites, while others may offer financial donations from afar. While donors’ efforts are always sincere, some of the people...