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Roswell is definitely loved

August 3, 2015 • Positively RoswellComments (0)

By Curtis Michaels Roswell Daily Record Sending Love To Roswell started from the grass-roots of Roswell when Jeneva Jewell Martinez decided that she didn’t want to respond to the murder of a dear friend with the same anger and hurt that she had seen destroy so many families. Jeneva posted a beautiful logo and call [&hellip...

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Koch warns conservatives must demand smaller government

August 2, 2015 • BusinessComments (0)

FILE- In this May 22, 2012, file photo, Charles Koch speaks in his office at Koch Industries in Wichita, Kan. Koch, a billionaire industrialist, warned America is “done for” if the conservative donors and politicians he gathered at a retreat this...

Malaysia seeks help in finding more possible MH370 debris

August 2, 2015 • BusinessComments (0)

Workers for an association responsible for maintaining paths to Jamaica beach from being overgrown by shrubs, search the beach for possible additional airplane debris near the shore where an airplane wing part was washed up, in the early morning near to...

Canadian rivers: Solution to Northeast’s high energy prices?

August 2, 2015 • BusinessComments (0)

FILE – In this Oct. 10, 2014 file photo, a dusting of snow coats the White Mountains Presidential Range as leaves change colors in Jefferson, N.H. Critics of proposals to import relatively clean hydropower from Quebec into the Northeastern United States...

Cake: The new favorite mode for American political debate?

August 2, 2015 • BusinessComments (0)

FILE – In this Jan. 20, 2015 file photo, bakery owner Marjorie Silva stands for a photo inside her Azucar Bakery, in Denver. Silva is facing a discrimination complaint with Colorado’s Civil Rights Division because she refused to write hateful words...

Verizon workers to stay on job without new contract

August 2, 2015 • BusinessComments (0)

FILE – In this Aug 7, 2011, file photo, a union strike sign hangs below Verizon’s corporate logo in front of a facility in New York. Verizon workers in nine states could walk off the job as soon as early Sunday, Aug. 2, 2015, if union negotiators...

Hitchhiking robot’s cross-country trip in US ends in Philly

August 2, 2015 • BusinessComments (0)

FILE- In this July 17, 2015, file photo, a car drives by HitchBOT, a hitchhiking robot in Marblehead, Mass. The Canadian researchers who created hitchBOT as a social experiment say someone in Philadelphia damaged the robot beyond repair on Saturday, Aug. 1,...

Prosecutor: Texas AG indicted for felony securities fraud

August 2, 2015 • BusinessComments (0)

FILE – In this Wednesday, July 29, 2015 file photo, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton speaks during a hearing in Austin, Texas. On Saturday, Aug. 1, 2015, Kent Schaffer, a special prosecutor, told the New York Times that Paxton has been indicted on...

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Chocolate historically more than just food

August 1, 2015 • Dining GuideComments (0)

Many cannot resist chocolate, that beloved creamy, sweet confection derived from cocoa beans, milk and sugar. All over the world people love to indulge in chocolate, especially come Valentine’s Day. According to data from Leatherhead Food Research,...

Astronomers gather in Hawaii amid telescope tensions

July 31, 2015 • BusinessComments (0)

FILE – In this July 1, 2015, file photo, protesters hold their hands in the shape of a mountain to symbolize protecting Mauna Kea during a news conference in Honolulu. The protesters gathered for a news conference on their efforts to block the...