Closing pool, pushing new ones suspicious

March 20, 2017 • Dear Editor

With the city’s approval, a local private citizen commissioned an independent engineering report to validate or dismiss the administration’s concerns regarding the Cahoon Park Pool. When city government decided to close the [auth] pool, they did not ask the city engineer to provide an assessment or make a recommendation.
The independent report is now in and the findings dismiss a sink hole beneath the pool and attributes the water loss to evaporation and expansion joint leakage.
This finding begs the questions:
What was the decision to close the pool based on? Could it have been to create a sense of urgency in spending millions of taxpayers dollars on a new Aquatic and Recreational Center?
Why can’t the Cahoon Park pool be reopened at least until final determination of the fate of the city’s pet project? Many of our children enjoy the pool during the summer and as it may take years to build a new aquatic facility, why keep Cahoon closed?
Usually, when a governing body rushes to push through a project, that does not have the support of the citizenry, mistakes will be made and money will lost. Another oops, for City tax payers.
I’m not saying that I don’t support a new aquatic and recreation center, what I am saying is that the current project’s numbers don’t add up and that closing existing facilities to bully Roswell into accepting a flawed plan, without just cause, does not pass the smell test.
Fred Moran

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  1. pete49 says:

    You hit the nail on the head. Our “bull-dozer” mayor and councilors seem to forget they are the JIRED HELP and should listen to the citizens. It seem that most people in Roswell want the Cahoon pool to reopen, instead of doing that, they whine about needing a new “water park”. The people who make decisions better wake up, election time will roll around and I for one will be hold ALL of those peoples feet to the fire.

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