Time change wouldn’t start school earlier

February 3, 2017 • Dear Editor

Deep within your Tuesday article on the legislation that Cliff Pirtle is sponsoring, a clarification needs to be made in the “Pirtle Time” section pertaining to his SB 239, which attempts to put all of New Mexico on permanent Daylight Saving Time (DST).
Either the RDR [auth] misquoted, Sen. Pirtle misspoke or some teachers need to be sent back to school if they were the ones who indicated that they “are for it (permanent DST) just because it puts the kids going to school an hour later, which is shown to be beneficial.” When we “spring forward” to DST everyone goes to school or work an hour earlier, not later.
If New Mexico does end up springing forward and never falling back, then our children will be going to school in the dark during December and January as the sun will not be rising until about 8 a.m. This is a safety concern in my opinion.
Your readers wanting to express their opinion about Daylight Saving Time can take a survey at
Perry Toles

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  1. PT says:

    RDR Editors: PLEASE be more careful when you add titles to your readers’ Letters. You reported that people think if “Pirtle TIme” passes children would go to school later. I pointed out that fallacy by stating that the children would actually be going to school earlier (relative to when the sun comes up). Your title to my letter does not reflect what I said.

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