Tucker must want to ‘mold’ the facts

January 28, 2017 • Dear Editor

I found [auth] the following quote of interest. It’s from a recent article written by RDR reporter and columnist Jeff Tucker regarding Trump’s inauguration. The quote was in reference to what should be expected of the modern American news media.
“We must do a better job conveying the values of the community, rather than our own.”
Nothing could be further from the truth.
No, Mr. Tucker, it is not your job to write articles that convey the values of the community. It is your job to assess the cold, hard facts of the matter, deduce the truth as best you can and share that information with the community as cogently as possible.
It is your job to do that regardless of what your government thinks. It is your job to do that regardless of what your advertisers think. And, yes, it is even your job to do that regardless of what your audience thinks.
America has suffered greatly from the likes of Fox News, which has decided that truth is just a matter of opinion. It’s not. The truth is not something on your side; the truth is something on whose side you choose to stand.
Mr. Tucker, with those quoted words, you have demonstrated a willingness to mold the facts in such a way that your audience will find acceptable.
That’s not news: That’s either pablum, or propaganda.
Craig Abalos


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