‘Antifas’ group has its day of violence

January 26, 2017 • Editorial

Oh, how I have longed for [auth] the day that President Barack Obama would finally leave office. The beginning of the Trump presidency to me has been rather surreal, with how rapidly the government has been changing. Donald Trump has already taken executive action to stop new government regulations, implemented a federal hiring freeze and withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
And of course, he is already experiencing fierce and truly ridiculous resistance.
Take his Inauguration Day for instance. Anti-Fascist Action, or the “Antifas,” spent the day looting and rioting across the globe. While the Antifas are incredibly volatile and aggressive, the mainstream media continue to report Antifas and similar groups as “peaceful protesters” when this simply is not the case at all.
In “peaceful protest,” the Antifas decided to start trash fires, throw bricks at police officers and smash and loot buildings, including Starbucks and Bank of America. Antifas really stuck it to Trump by smashing the businesses of those Hillary Clinton donors! Were they just not paying attention to what they were looting?
I guess they were not paying attention when they smashed the windows of Larry King’s car either. According to King, “Protestors in D.C. smashed the windows” and left his driver “a bit rattled.”
Do the Antifas not know that Larry King endorsed Clinton as well, or did they think that burning everything in sight would help them be taken more seriously?
Violence ensued against media reporters and inauguration attendees during the entire event. Notably Lauren Southern of The Rebel reported on the primary group of Antifas marching around the perimeter of the inauguration, leaving smashed windows and burning trashcans in their wake.
Southern attempted to follow the Antifas group around until the situation got too far out of hand. The mob broke windows and set fires as well as attempting to set off explosives and charge a police line. Independent journalist Mike Cernovich was unintentionally injured by police when a demonstrator pushed him in the way of an officer using pepper spray to help quell the rioting.
A video of Richard Spencer getting sucker-punched in the face by a hooded Antifas while talking to a reporter has gone viral. Spencer is a well-known white nationalist and incredibly controversial, but has as much of a right to express his opinions as anyone else.
The New York Times published an article about the incident posing the question, “Is it OK to punch a Nazi?” The article assumes Spencer is a Nazi, which is not true. Our culture sees Nazis as beyond the protection of free speech and would feel morally justified, if not obligated, to confront them violently. Therefore, it is irresponsible for celebrities and media to use the label so broadly and unjustly because it incites violence on those falsely accused. I don’t support him, but the article does misrepresent his ideology.
By attempting to delegitimize Spencer, it justifies violence against him and people with similar beliefs. The article did, however, bring attention to how many journalists and celebrities voiced support and praise for the assault. Jon Favreau, a former Obama speechwriter, said on Twitter, “I don’t care how many different songs you set Richard Spencer being punched to, I’ll laugh at every one.”
Washington Post writer Wesley Lowery compared the whole riot to the Boston Tea Party. I’m not sure how assaulting people because of their political beliefs or just because they’re in your way could be compared to protesting real tyranny and oppression.
It is not tyranny they are protesting; it is the result of a democratic election. How can people normalize these acts of violence and legitimate hate crimes?
For calling themselves “anti-fascists” the Antifas are behaving like actual fascists. They act as if their opponents are Nazis who want to physically assault people for their political beliefs. But as far as I’m aware, the only people who are assaulting people for their beliefs are the Antifas. Ian Miles Cheong sums it up best: “Imagine hating Nazis so much that you become one yourself except by a different name.”
People have said that this is a fringe group, but if they really are only the extremists, why do people treat this like legitimate protest?
This new growing faction of the left-wing is a danger to the safety of the country. If they were peacefully protesting, this would not be a problem whatsoever. But this violence cannot be allowed to stand.
Stop legitimizing it. Stop treating it as a reasonable form of protest. Something must be done before these anti-fascists will become the very same fascists that they claim to hate.
Nate Jones is a junior at Goddard High School. He can be reached at

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  1. pete49 says:

    Wow, I’m surprised a young person has such maturity. Yes, the protest are about losing an election and the legacy of 8 years of Obama left. People have forgotten that someone wins and someone loses, and not everyone gets a participation award. Well said young man.

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