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January 19, 2017 • Local Business Review

Garden Crest possesses all of the equipment, manpower and insurance to handle the largest and most labor intensive jobs.

Garden Crest has been pruning trees and shrubs in Roswell and the surrounding area continually since 1983. For 34 years, we have provided quality, knowledgeable, well-equipped, fully licensed and insured services for trees and shrubs. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, pruning and trimming your trees is required for safety as well as staving off infections and improving airflow which can be very beneficial to your tree’s health. Garden Crest [auth] offers both residential and commercial services year round. We accept insurance work as well.

8 good reasons NOT to “top” your tree

  1. Starvation: Topping removes so much of the tree’s leafy crown that it dangerously reduces the tree’s food-making ability.
  2. Shock: By removing the protective cover of the tree’s canopy, bark tissue is exposed to the direct rays of the sun. The resultant scalding can cause the tree’s death.
  3. Insects and Disease: The exposed ends of topped limbs are highly vulnerable to insect invasion or decay fungi spores.
  4. Weak Limbs: New branches that grow from a stubbed limb are weakly attached and more liable to break from snow or ice weight.
  5. Rapid New Growth: Instead of controlling the height and spread of the tree, topping has the opposite effect. New branches are more numerous and often grow higher than before.
  6. Tree Death: Some tree species can’t tolerate major branch loss and still survive. At best, they remain weak and disease-prone.
  7. Ugliness: A topped tree is a disfigured tree. Even with new growth it never regains the grace and character of its species.
  8. Cost: The true cost of topping is often hidden – lower property values, expense of removal and replacement if the tree dies.

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Firewood for Sale
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