Chile UFO and the implications for Roswell

January 14, 2017 • Editorial

In the past few days, a story about a UFO sighting from Chile has been featured in media articles and TV news reports all around the world. Several things make this affair particularly interesting, and it’s a story that has implications for the city of Roswell, in the run-up to this summer’s 70th anniversary of the famous UFO incident.
It’s important to note that despite the story breaking only in the last few days, the UFO sighting itself occurred in November 2014. The UFO was captured on video, and the footage shows a solid object, moving at constant speed.
On two occasions the object appears to vent gas or plasma of [auth] some sort. The UFO was initially seen with the naked eye, but was then filmed, occasionally in HD, but mainly in infrared. The film was shot on the coast of Chile, near the capital city, Santiago.
At this point, some readers might be saying to themselves, “So what?” After all, those people who follow this subject know that videos of UFOs are being posted on YouTube all the time: Many of them are blurry and indistinct, and a lot of them are fake.
This brings me to the first thing that makes this video interesting. It wasn’t uploaded by some anonymous YouTube user. The video was shot from a helicopter operated by the Chilean Navy, and the footage has only recently come to light because it has been declassified and released by CEFAA — a Chilean government agency that studies unidentified aerial phenomena, and is staffed by a mixture of Air Force and air traffic control personnel, along with some academics.
Chile is one of the few countries in which the government still undertakes official research and investigation into the UFO phenomenon. In countries such as the U.S. and the UK, such work is no longer carried out — or if it is, the authorities aren’t telling us.
So, unlike most of the UFO videos doing the rounds, we know this one hasn’t been faked. Furthermore, we know that not only was the video analyzed by military authorities, but also that a proper, official investigation was carried out.
When the pilots onboard the Chilean helicopter first spotted the mystery object, they attempted to communicate via radio, and when no response was received, they reported the incident to nearby radar installations, where staff reported that nothing was visible on the radar screens. CEFAA interviewed the helicopter pilots, air traffic controllers and radar operators, and were also able to eliminate the possibility that the object was a drone, a hang glider, a parachute or even a bird.
Another reason why this story is so interesting is the believer-versus-skeptic dogfight that has been generated. Some skeptical researchers put forward the theory that the object was, in fact, a civilian aircraft, and that the “gas” being vented was nothing more exotic than a standard aircraft contrail. Believers denounced this as debunking, and pointed out that the Chilean government had itself checked whether any aircraft were in the area, but had drawn a blank.
They further pointed out that had an aircraft been involved, radio communication and verification via radar should have been possible. These sorts of debates get extremely polarized, which is certainly reminiscent of the controversy over the Roswell incident, where people tend to gravitate either toward the theory that what crashed was an alien spacecraft or that it was a weather balloon. Other possibilities tend to get squeezed out.
This brings me to the final reason why this story is so interesting, and relevant to Roswell: It shows the enduring power and fascination of the UFO phenomenon, some 70 years after the mystery began. Ask yourself this: How many other news stories have you read from Chile recently? Most people would struggle to name the country’s current president. And yet, a story about a 2014 UFO sighting is now big news all ‘round the world. Why?
Because it speaks to one of the biggest and most profound questions we can ask ourselves: Are we alone in the universe? This, of course, brings us back to Roswell.
Depending on how you view the UFO mystery, the media interest in this Chilean video is either a confirmation, a reminder or a wakeup call. In the final analysis, I don’t know what those Chilean Navy pilots saw in November 2014. Maybe it was an aircraft, but maybe it was something else.
What I do know is that if the world’s media goes wild over a UFO video shot in Chile over two years ago, the forthcoming 70th anniversary of the Roswell incident is going to be huge. Buckle up. We’re in for one heck of a ride!
Nick Pope is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on UFOs and on the scientific search for extraterrestrial life and has written about these subjects for numerous mainstream media outlets. He is now retired from the UK’s Ministry of Defense and lives in the U.S.

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