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January 4, 2017 • Local Business Review

Listen to your ears…they might be telling you something.

Hearing Loss is connected to other health conditions

High Fever can cause damage to hair cells in the inner ear

DiabetesHearing loss is 2x as likely with diabetes

Ototoxicity There are more than 200 medications that may be harmful to the ears

Noise Exposure  – Hearing loss is more common in men than women

Alzheimer’s [auth] & DementiaDementia risk may be up to 5x higher with hearing loss

DepressionAdults 50+ with untreated hearing loss are more likely to report depression

FallingHearing loss tied to 3 fold risk of falling

OsteoporosisDemineralization of the inner ear bones

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)Could the ear be the window of the heart? Hearing loss and CVD are linked

SmokingSmokers have a 70% higher risk of hearing loss

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