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December 27, 2016 • Local Business Review

Anderson Bethany Funeral Home & Crematory opened its doors in 2000 as an innovative leader, bringing a whole new level of services to our community and the families we serve. We continue our tradition of excellence by striving to find new ways to improve the manner in which we walk with families throughout their overwhelming journey when losing a loved one. OUR FAMILIES ARE THE HEARTS AND SOULS OF EVERYTHING WE DO.

One of Anderson Bethany’s ambitions is our Veteran’s Cemetery. Since its inception, we have proudly chosen to support it despite many setbacks, letdowns and frustrations. Darrel Bethany has served on the Veteran’s Cemetery Board from day one. When they reach the end of their life, Darrel’s heart is focused on helping every veteran who served our country so bravely.

In 2013, Bert Eldridge, a well-known and highly decorated veteran, visited each funeral home in Roswell seeking support to establish a Veteran’s Cemetery. Bert, a person that doesn’t give up, at last found himself at Anderson Bethany to ask for any help or input. He was greeted with encouragement and given complete support. As owners of Anderson Bethany Funeral Home & Crematory, Darrel and Jery Bethany joined Bert, and countless other veterans, giving endless hours and dollars to help establish our Veteran’s Cemetery. They have led their staff in following their example to do the same. After many long hours of planning with numerous people, who gave up their time and resources, the Veteran’s Cemetery was dedicated to Roswell’s veterans in July of 2014. Our fallen have been able to have a final resting place – at home in Roswell.

Each of us proudly take part in honoring our country’s veterans, and giving back to those whose sacrifice and patriotism defined our great nation. It is our honor, and our duty, to provide you and your family with professional and dignified assistance during your time of need and support you in honoring your loved one for their dedication and selfless service. For this, we consider it a blessing every time we are chosen to help make arrangements for a tribute service.

Darrel and Jery, along with Anderson Bethany staff, continue to devote and give their time, not only to Veterans and the Veterans Cemetery, but to each and every family that walk through our doors and into our Home. We are grateful for our team and their tireless giving and support: Jeremy Hurley, Amanda Deason, Joan Park, Rick Ashby, Kathy Vegara, Robert Sedillo, Leroy Archuleta, Melissa Vegara and Elva Balderrama.

You, our Veterans, served us. Let us serve you.

To all the citizens of our great city, we choose to serve you. Always remember, Anderson Bethany Funeral Home & Crematory is Roswell’s ONLY locally family owned and operated funeral home. We support “SHOP LOCAL.”

Anderson Bethany Funeral Home & Crematory
2609 S Main St l (575) 622-5888

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