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NASA ‘whistleblower’ donates lunar photos, research materials to Roswell’s UFO Museum

June 3, 2016 • Local News

Former NASA astronaut trainer R. Ken Johnston Sr. of Belen, right, has said that NASA officials have doctored photographs and films that show evidence of extraterrestrial activity on the moon. On Friday he gave his books, which include NASA photos, to the International UFO Museum and Research Center. Executive Director Jim Hill, left, presented him with a certificate commemorating his donation (Lisa Dunlap Photo).

A former National Aeronautics and Space Administration consultant pilot who says he witnessed NASA employees doctoring photos and films from Apollo missions has donated his archives to the International UFO Museum and Research Center.

Ralph [auth] Kennedy (Ken) Johnston Sr. of Belen provided digital copies of his three books, which contain NASA photos and images, to the UFO Museum’s library Friday morning. He also provided copies of interviews he has done. He said that he has not donated the material to other institutions at this time, although some copies of some photos are available online and have been shared with researchers.

Executive Director Jim Hill presented Johnston with a certificate recognizing his donation and support of the museum and research center, which has one of the world’s largest collections of materials related to extraterrestrials and UFOs. The museum attracts about 180,000 visitors a year and is a Smithsonian Institution depository site for UFO-related reference materials.

Johnston, the author of three books in the “Ken’s Moon” series and former trainer of astronauts on the use of the Lunar Module, has said that while he was working at the Lunar Receiving Lab of the NASA Johnson Center in 1971 he saw NASA staff painting details out of lunar photos from Apollo missions and was aware of other anomalies between original photos and films he observed firsthand and what was cataloged by NASA or made available to the public. He was ordered to destroy five full sets of photos from lunar missions, he said, even though he argued that they should be donated to universities or research institutions. He gave one set to a university, but said most of the photos disappeared. Holding a doctorate degree in metaphysics and former pilot, he frequently gives presentations and interviews about what he thinks is evidence of extraterrestrial activity on the moon that has been denied by NASA and other government officials. Some images can be seen on his website:

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