Cowboy Cafe – the place to get your holiday pies.

October 30, 2015 • Dining Guide

The Cowboy Cafe, 1120 E. Second is open Monday through Saturday from 6am to 2pm, for your good cookin’ cravings.

Now that the holiday season is [auth] here, remember Cowboy Cafe for your holiday pies, cakes cookies and more!

You can get one of their mouthwatering pies for $19.99, add $3.99 for meringue; and one of their delicious moist cakes for $24.99.

Everything at Cowboy Cafe is made from scratch with as many local ingredients as possible.

Call Cowboy Cafe at 622-6363 to order your cakes and pies before November 21, for Thanksgiving, and December 21 for Christmas.

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