February 15, 2015 • Cartoons

Signs of the [auth] times.

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2 Responses to 02/15/15

  1. sid says:

    OMG Mr. Bell, I can’t believe there is a petition out for signatures stating this was a racist cartoon. Saw the news clip on TV.. LOL Just shows how close-minded people are. Automatically yelling Racism against New Mexicans. Well I am a New Mexican and I did learn about political cartoons in high school and what purpose they serve. Oh but wait….I am considered white. Hmmmmmm……. therefore I must be a racist!.
    You keep on keeping on Mr. Bell!

  2. pete49 says:

    I agree. Too many people just looking for an excuse to point the “racist” finger. People I grew up with had tougher skins. Now everyone is so special, just like everyone else. I applaud Mr. Bell and his cartoons as they usually hit the nail on the head. Keep it up, you’re getting their attention.

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