Trial set for alleged Roswell teenage rapist

August 26, 2014 • Local News



A December trial date has been set for a Roswell man charged with breaking into a neighbor’s home near Spring River Park and Zoo in January and raping and savagely beating a woman before leaving her for dead.

Roswell police said Kenneth “Ray Ray” Whiteside, 19, most recently of 1503 Pecan Drive, was caught shortly after the crimes in a bloody vehicle and in possession of some of the items he allegedly stole from the victim’s home.

Whiteside is charged with attempt to commit first-degree murder, aggravated burglary with a deadly weapon, first-degree criminal sexual penetration, first-degree kidnapping and bribery of a witness.

Whiteside, who was 18 years old at the time of the Jan. 4 home invasion and rape, is being held at the Chaves County Adult Detention Center on $500,000 bond.

He is set to stand trial Dec. 16 in 5th Judicial District Court in Roswell.

A pre-trial conference was held July 28 before District Judge Charles Currier, who retired from the bench on Aug. 2. Whiteside’s next scheduled court appearance is another pre-trial conference set for 3 p.m. Oct. 20.

Whiteside’s case was bound over from magistrate court to district court on Jan. 6 after Magistrate Judge John Halverson found probable cause exists to try Whiteside on the multiple felony charges.

Police responded to a stabbing call early Jan. 4 along North Pecan Drive, near Spring River Park and Zoo.

Detective Jeffrey Prince of the Roswell Police Department, who wrote the probable cause statement, said a woman had been stabbed and ran to her next door neighbor’s house at about [auth] 6:25 a.m. and rang her neighbors’ doorbell repeatedly.

The victim, 40 years old at the time, had a cut to her neck and shoulder and was partially nude and covered with blood when she ran to her neighbors, court records said.

According to court records, the neighbors did not recognize the woman because she had been so badly beaten.

The victim, who was critically injured, said a man with a gun had broken into her house and had stabbed her with a knife he acquired inside her home.

Doctors at a local emergency room confirmed the victim had been stabbed in the neck and sides.

A neighbor said the victim’s lower teeth were missing and that the victim appeared to have a broken jaw.

The victim, a single mother with two children, told her neighbors her 11-year-old son and older daughter were staying with other family members at the time of the assault, court records state.

Police searched the victim’s home and found nobody else at the residence. However, officers reported a TV was missing. Police said a flat-screen TV was found in the home’s back alley and shoe impressions were found in the backyard.

Police also reported finding blood on the wall of the victim’s bathtub and blood-tinted water in the bathtub.

A witness reported seeing an older model white Buick parked in front of the victim’s home before police arrived early Jan. 4.

Roswell police stopped Whiteside the morning of Jan. 4 while he was driving a white Buick in the 800 block of North Greenwood Avenue, about one block away from the home invasion and rape.

Police said blood appeared to be smeared on the car’s steering wheel and on the exterior of one of the car’s doors. Police also said there was a TV in the back seat partially covered by a blanket, and an Xbox and jewelry on the front seat.

Whiteside said he had found the Xbox, television and jewelry that police discovered in his car along Orchard Street, according to court records.

“He stated that he found the stuff in his car on Orchard Street, and it looked good, so he put it in his car,” court records state.

Whiteside was arrested on an outstanding magistrate court warrant.

Police obtained a search warrant for Whiteside’s Buick. Police said the victim’s wallet and driver’s license were found in a black bag in his car.

An Xbox matching the description of the game system stolen from the victim’s home, jewelry matching that reported stolen from the victim, and a television stand matching that of the TV found in the alley behind the victim’s home, were also found in Whiteside’s car, police said.

When questioned, Whiteside, who was only wearing shorts, shoes and socks, said he had been at a party on Beech Street.

Police said Whiteside stated he then went to the home of Jerry Abundis.

Police went to Abundis’ home, but Abundis said he had not seen Whiteside since Jan. 1, court records state.

Police said when they searched the victim’s home, they found a white shirt fitting the description of the shirt Whiteside’s mother said Whiteside had been wearing.

Police also reported finding a large amount of blood throughout the house.

“It was on the floor and walls,” Prince wrote. “The bed in the master bedroom was covered in blood. Blood was found in all bedrooms, and on the wall next to the open front window.”

Police said Whiteside, who attended Goddard High School, had a cut between his middle and ring fingers on his right hand.

“He claimed it was from slipping the handcuffs,” Prince wrote in the criminal complaint.

While recuperating at a hospital in Lubbock, Texas, the victim identified Whiteside as her attacker, court records said.

The victim said during the attack that she ran out of her home and into the street for help when Whiteside jumped out of his car and chased her back into her house where he assaulted her again.

“She also stated that he forced her back into the house stating ‘(expletive), I thought I told you not to get outta, outta the house,’” court records state. “She stated that he then placed his penis in her when he forced her back into the home and back into her son’s room.”

The victim said Whiteside said: “You tell anybody I was here and I’ll kill you,” court records state.

The people of Roswell gathered outside the victim’s home Jan. 6 for a candlelight vigil. Neighbors and friends also helped the family move from its house since the victim could not work and could no longer afford to maintain the home.

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