Dear Editor: 8-13-14

August 12, 2014 • Dear Editor

Dear editor,

Civilians have paid a horrific price in the ongoing violence in Gaza. Our support of Login to read more

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One Response to Dear Editor: 8-13-14

  1. pete49 says:

    What I don’t understand about the PRO-Islamic American citizens could even side with them. There could be peace in Gaza, the Hamas will not now or ever try. If they want to put their missiles in schools, hospitals and other civilian areas then THEY are the ones putting their own people in harms way.
    To those people who think Hamas is just trying to live in harmony, remember what is happening right now in Iraq. You have the same Islamic zealots murdering, raping their own people in the name of Allah.
    If supporters of Hamas feel they are being wronged, then go there, see for yourself that is happening and quit believing the pro-Hamas news reports.

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