Review: Mother Nature deserves better lines

August 8, 2014 • Entertainment

This image released by Warner Bros. Entertainment shows clockwise from foreground, Max Deacon, Richard Armitage, and Nathan Kress in a scene from “Into The Storm.” (AP Photo/Warner Bros. Entertainment, Ron Phillips)

“Into the Storm” is a movie that addresses the fearsome power of nature. Alas, it also addresses the fearsome power of a bad script to distract us from the fearsome power of nature.

Add to that a set of cardboard characters, and what you have is a movie that should have dispensed with the humans and dialogue altogether, and been a documentary. If, of course, the storms were real. Which they aren’t.

The film, directed by Steven Quale, runs only 89 minutes. And yet, despite the often engrossing special effects, it drags. It seems there are only so many times you can watch a funnel cloud bear down, while someone yells out: “We gotta get out of here. C’mon!”

The action takes place in one day in the small town of Silverton, somewhere in the heartland. Four high school students have just been killed in a Login to read more

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