Burris: RISD grades compare favorably to others

August 2, 2014 • Local News

Goddard High School band students wrapped up two weeks of camp on Friday. The band will hold a concert at 6 p.m. today in Del Norte Park, said band director Kevin Everitt. In case of rain, the concert will be moved to the GHS gymnasium. Goddard High School was the only Roswell high school to get an “A” grade from the state for 2013-14. (Randal Seyler Photo)


Roswell Independent School District elementary school campuses generally improved in 2013-14 over their three-year average grades, according to reports from the New Mexico Public Education Department.

However, three of the five middle [auth] schools scored less for 2013-14 than their three-year average grades, while two of the three high school campuses improved over their three-year average scores.

“When you look at the grades, you also have to look at the grade point range, and see how the schools compare,” said Superintendent Tom Burris on Monday.

The New Mexico Public Education Department released the 2013-14 grades on July 24, and the Roswell district earned three Overall Grades of “A,” and six Overall Grades of “D.”

Of the 20 schools within the district, there were five schools with a “B” and six schools with a “C” grade, according to the PED report.

However, under the category entitled “Opportunity to Learn,” only two schools in the district — Roswell High and University High — were graded “C.” All the other schools received grades of either “A” or “B.”

“When you evaluate the grades, there are a lot of factors that go into making those reports,” Burris said. “It helps to look at the grade and see where that ‘B’ comes from. Is it just barely a ‘B’ instead of a ‘C,’ or was it almost an ‘A?’”

Burris said compared to districts of similar size, the Roswell schools held their own or even outperformed other districts.

For example, in the Farmington Municipal Schools District, out of the 10 elementary schools in that district, there were four “F” grades, and two each “D,” “C” and “B” grades. In contrast, the 12 RISD elementary schools earned three “D” grades, five “C” grades, three “B” and one “A” grades.

Las Cruces Public Schools District has 27 elementary schools, twice the number of Roswell, and they received six “D” grades, nine “C” grades, 10 “B” grades and one “A.”

In Roswell, El Capitan Elementary improved its grade from a three-year average “D” to a “C” in the 2013-14 reports, while Military Heights Elementary lifted its grade to a “B,” improving from a three-year average of a “C.”

Sunset Elementary raised its grade from a three-year average “D” to a “C,” and Valley View Elementary bested its three-year average of a “B” by earning an “A” grade this year.

The point increase for Valley View was the best of the elementary schools, with this year’s point total of 80.26 besting the three-year average score by 16 points.

None of the elementary schools dropped in their grade compared to their average grade, although three schools — Washington Avenue Elementary, Nancy Lopez Elementary and Monterrey Elementary remained the same, earning “D” grades this year and carrying “D” grades in their three-year average grades.

Comparing high schools, the Farmington schools outperformed the Roswell schools by one school — Farmington High and Rocinante High both scored “B” grades, while Piedra Vista High earned an “A” this year.

Three of five RISD middle schools saw their grades drop below their three-year average marks in the 2013-14 reports. Berrendo Middle dropped from an “A” on its three-year average to a “B” for the year, while Mesa Middle dropped from a “C” average to a “D” for the year. Likewise, Mountain View Middle saw its score fall from a “C” average to a “D.”

Sidney Gutierrez Middle (“A”) and Sierra Middle (“C”) saw their grades remain the same, although both schools dropped in their total point scores slightly over their three-year averages.

Farmington middle schools performed slightly worse than Roswell’s middle schools, with the four FMSD campuses receiving two “D” grades, one “C” and an “F.”

Las Cruces, with seven middle schools, also had a poorer performance than the RISD — four of the seven Las Cruces schools received “D” grades, two received “C” grades and only one, Camino Real Middle, received a “B.”

Roswell High received a “B” grade from the state while Goddard High received an “A.” University High was graded a “D” in the report.

Las Cruces high schools also outscored Roswell’s high shools — two Las Cruces high schools earned “A” grades in 2013-14 and three earned “B” grades.

However, comparing the Roswell high schools’ grades with their three-year average grades, both Goddard and Roswell improved a letter grade over their averages and both schools boasted modest point gains — 76.69 over a three-year average of 72.8 for Goddard, and 65.53 over 62.1 for Roswell.

University High, though, actually dropped in its points total although the grade stayed the same — 48.5 was the three-year average score, while the 2013-14 tally was 45.72.



School Grades 2013-14

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