Taste of Thai Cuisine – Exotic & Healthy!

August 1, 2014 • Local Business Review

Guests of Taste of Thai Cuisine enjoy appetizer, main courses from Thailand and China perfectly ballanced and seasoned with [auth] fresh herbs, afterwards desserts and refreshing home-made ice-cream.

Did you know? Thai Cuisine is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. In fact, several Thai dishes and its ingredients have immune-boosting and blood pressure lowering power. The Thai cuisine adapted many healthy spices from places as far as India – but as the Buddhistic beliefs of the Thai people are based upon ballance, they toned down overpowering spices and added fresh ingredients as galanga and better known Lemon grass, the heavy oils of other countries were replaced by coconut oil, and coconut milk substituted for other dairy products.

Together with travelers the aromatic and healthy Thai Cuisine became fast popular in the big cities along the coastline of the US and also in the heart of Southeast New Mexico: Roswell.

The charming family of Sam welcomes you with a friendly smile and original recipes, always using fresh ingredients (depending on the season).

Sam’s Thai recipes have become popular for parties and he offers great parking and seating, as well as to-go.

Taste of Thai Cuisine offers not only a great selection of beer, but also White and Red Sangria.

If you are new to the Thai Cuisine, Sam and his friendly staff will help you to make the perfect choice to introduce you to his menu. At lunch, they offer smaller combo’s which include a light soup and spring roll (see picture above). For dinner you find a more diverse menu which includes fish, shrimp, mussels together with delicious home made Pad Thai. The secret to their wonderful Pad Thai is in the sauce, which is a family recipe. The chef knows, that not everybody likes their dish original hot, so the guests get to choose between “mild”, “hot” or “extra-hot”. Guests of Taste of Thai Restaurant will find a wonderful restaurant in a friendly atmosphere.

Visit Taste of Thai seven days a week for lunch or dinner at 1303 W Second Street and call them for your party or meeting at Phone 575-622-2412.

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