Life as a teen; the generation problem

August 1, 2014 • Editorial

Mary Morgan

Guest Columnist


All my life I was told to make the world my own. As I have grown I have tried to make the world my own by becoming responsible [auth] for myself.

Now, like many youths, I am ready to truly take the world and make it mine. However it seems that at every turn we are being stopped by past generations. The politicians that we didn’t choose make the laws we have to follow that we know is wrong.

We have to work twice as hard because corporations don’t think we are smart enough to know we are being cheated. They take all our time for little to no money. School takes our dreams, saying we will never make it unless we know what they think is right and that we will always fail if we try to change anything.

And lastly, our parents take our freedom because we don’t have enough money to leave and have to follow their rules. I have been lucky having parents that let me express myself and let me be an adult. But I have seen others that are older than me and are being treated like 10-year-olds.

How do we get to grow up if we are being held back? We will never be able to run and take the world if we are forced to sit and watch past generations run it. Anytime we stand to take our turn in the driver’s seat we are ridiculed and spit on, being called selfish and disrespectful. I have been called filthy names by old ladies just for ringing them up. Yet the teen with the baggy shirt and his hat on backwards will smile and wish me a good day.

We are not bad kids. Are there some out there that are bad? Yes. But that’s a problem with every generation. However, these wars that we face with Russia and Iraq are not this generation’s problem, but we will be forced to take it over when it reaches the worst possible point. Kids understand more than adults think. We need to stop letting adults make the decisions and let the youth take a turn. If we are going to inherit the world we should get a say in what happens in it, not be told what mistakes past generations have made that we won’t be able to fix.

Right now, it doesn’t look like my generation will inherit a world. But will be buried alive under a mess that our parents have made with no way out.

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