SWAT responds to report of burglar’s barricade

July 30, 2014 • Local News

The Roswell SWAT squad was deployed to the 600 block of West Mathews Street Tuesday night after a report of a burglary suspect barricad[auth] ing himself inside a home. The city’s full SWAT unit responded with its Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle and parked it in the yard of the home at 608 W. Mathews St., where the suspect was believed to be holed up. The SWAT team deployed chemical gas into the home and later searched the residence multiple times. The suspect had not been found as of 10 p.m. Sgt. Jim Preston of the Roswell Police Department said time was on the side of police in the apparent standoff because no one had been injured and no one was being held hostage. Preston said police made several attempts to make contact with the suspect, but were unable to establish communications with the man in the home. Dozens of police officers and onlookers were still on the scene as of press time. (Jeff Tucker Photo)

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One Response to SWAT responds to report of burglar’s barricade

  1. pete49 says:

    Well I see the boys in blue got to use their new toy. Don’t get me wrong, I support RPD, I just don’t see the need of a military vehicle for the SWAT team. I know it looks “cool” to them, but to a lot of people, it looks too much like a military vehicle, which it is. More and more local police stations are looking like “military installations” which are not known to overly friendly to civilian population.

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