Dear Editor: 7-30-14

July 30, 2014 • Dear Editor

Dear editor,

Since the city has found big money to repair Union, ramps, curbs, etc., they have enough left to put driveway aprons, curbs and sidewalks north of Stone on Delaware to 12th Street. They stopped on Stone almost 70 years ago and now when it rains (thank God it’s not that often) Delaware [auth] is washing down to 12th Street.

They are even putting sidewalks on East College toward Atkinson where only ground owls live. They have better paved alleys on the north side of town than streets south of College.

Our tax (property) should be used to fix (our) streets also. I would love to see our city council representatives look at our area and do something instead of talking before election and then forgetting.

Another important issue is Memory Lane Cemetery on 19th Street. We have a group of concerned people who have taken it upon themselves to clean it up. Why can’t the city or county send the jailbirds to do community service at the cemetery once a month? There is a saying among military veterans, “Gone but not forgotten.” Let me tell you, 300 or more veterans buried at that cemetery have been forgotten for a long time. We need some help.

Steve Ortega


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