Arrivals, departures halted at FLETC over chicken pox

July 30, 2014 • Local News

The Department of Homeland Security confirmed Tuesday that arrivals and departures of Central Americans at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center have been halted as they treat and vaccinate the population for Varicella (chicken pox).

U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce, R-Hobbs, said in a released statement he received confirmed information about public health and safety [auth] issues at FLETC facility in Artesia, which is housing women and children who illegally crossed the southern border as they seek amnesty hearings or are processed for deportation.

“As the FLETC facility reaches maximum capacity, I am increasingly concerned for the health and safety of the women and children at FLETC and for the local community. The virus that has caused two residents to be put in isolation has halted all departures,” Pearce said.

“Our office communicated to DHS officials outlining our concerns with impacting local citizens, posing risks to the local community and draining limited county medical resources. Our office has called for DHS to talk to the community directly, and answer all questions and concerns about all matters at FLETC, through open town hall meetings or forums.”

FLETC officials will reportedly now use Eastern New Mexico Medical Center in Roswell, instead of Artesia General Hospital, for patient care.

This decision by DHS is a concern, Pearce said, because it may cause an unexpected burden on local medical resources as patients are moved nearly an hour away from the center for treatment.

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