Dear Editor: 7-22-14

July 22, 2014 • Dear Editor

Dear editor,

There is never a lack of public officials who want our money. Councilman Henderson wants to spend 7.5 million of our dollars to increase the size of the convention center because it’ll be like the zoo, or the parks. I guess he believes that we will all take our kids to enjoy a huge empty building. This guy is ridiculous. Let’s not give him any money.

Also, the recent articles in the paper boasting of the accomplishments of RISD are just a lead in to asking you for [auth] more money. Saturday’s article (on page 4) claimed we were the “best large school district in the state.” Sort of like being at the top of the manure pile. RISD is a failure, any way you look at it. We have an astronomical dropout rate, and over 50 percent of the kids who do graduate have to take at least one remedial course before they can attend college. Basically, half of our graduates cannot read properly or do basic math. Yet RISD wants more of your money. And they will use the same old ploys. They will whine “what about the kids?”

New buildings are not for the kids. They are for the teachers and administrators who are already on the public dole. And they will point to all the infinished projects and claim they have no money to finish them. Great, anyone who would start a project without the money to finish should be fired, NOW! We defeated the stupid tax hike our former mayor tried to foist off on us, and we defeated the mill levy our university tried to foist off on us, lets do the same to RISD. Let’s deny them money till they improve. Make them show us a plan, one which demonstrates concrete steps toward change, with realistic goals and timetable for accomplishing those goals. RISD will never improve as long as we reward their utter failure.

Ricky R. Wolfert



Dear editor,

The primary election of June 3 is behind us. The general election for 2014 will take place on November 4. That date is not really so far away.

In the primaries, voter turnout was low. Overall for New Mexico, only 20 percent of the registered voters chose candidates for the general election. In Taos County, where I live, we did a little better, but not much: 30 percent of registered voters cast ballots. That means 6,083 people in my county made the choices for the 14,380 who stayed home.

We might not all be happy with how the primaries turned out. We might have preferred to see other candidates represent our political party or our political leanings in the upcoming general election. But the primary voters, however few they were, have spoken for all of us.

Here are the candidates for state offices chosen by the primary election voters. The Democrats are listed first:

Gary King will face Susana Martinez for governor. Debra Haaland will face John Sanchez for lieutenant governor. Maggie Toulouse Oliver will face Dianna Duran for secretary of state. Timothy Keller will face Robert Aragon for state auditor. Tim Eichenberg will face Rick Lopez for state treasurer. Hector Balderas will face Susan Riedel for attorney general. Ray Bennett Powell will face Aubrey Dunn for commissioner of public lands. Kerry Kiernan will face Miles Hanisee for judge of the Court of Appeals.

Here are the candidates for representing us in Washington, D.C.:

Tom Udall will face Allen Weh for U.S. senator. Roxanne Lara will face Steve Pearce for U.S. representative from District 2 (southern New Mexico).

I will be voting for all the candidates from the Democratic Party (except for District 2). I urge you to get ready for the assault of political messages over the next few months that will try to persuade you how wonderful or evil the various candidates are. Keep those names in mind as you make sure you’re registered to vote in the general election. And then make sure your candidates get in on Nov. 4, by exercising your right and duty to VOTE.

Winn Kalmon


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