Sanchez: Conservatives have better solutions

July 18, 2014 • Local News

Lt. Gov. John Sanchez, discussed conservative values and less governmental interference with business and individual freedom. (Jerry Heck Photo)


Lt. Gov. John Sanchez spoke Wednesday afternoon at the Chaves County Republican Women’s monthly luncheon. Sanchez was in town to promote Republican candidates running for office in November’s general election. Also attending was Rick Lopez, the Republican candidate for state treasurer. Lopez spoke to the group last month.

Marine veteran Todd Johnson represented Allen Weh, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, and Gov. Susana Martinez was represented by Megan Del Rosa, who also is on the Chaves County Republican Women’s Board.

Sanchez began his remarks with, “I broke Reagan’s 11th commandment and ran against a fellow Republican. We need responsible debate among ourselves, but must focus on [auth] defeating liberals. The party needs to be re-built from the bottom up, not top down. Reach out to other groups with the message of less government. Conservatives have better solutions than Democrats.”

He added, “[Senator Tom] Udall is the most liberal guy in Washington. Standing with Allen Weh [retired Marine Colonel running for Udall’s post] will get us a new majority.

“The Democrats have held control of New Mexico since the 1930s,” Sanchez said. “Democrats may be sincere in the belief that more regulation is the answer, but they are sincerely wrong.”

Sanchez discussed historical similarities of the Arizona and New Mexico territories. Both territories were similar is size, terrain and demographics. Yet today, Arizona has an economy three times greater than New Mexico, he said. Arizona took the right direction 100 years ago by investing in the private sector, he added.

The Democrats play the race card, claiming that Hispanics are being held down, Sanchez said, yet in New Mexico, the top three leadership posts are held by Hispanics.

“We are proud Americans, proud New Mexicans who happen to be Hispanic,” he said. “There is bad leadership in Washington and Albuquerque. Less regulation is key to support our oil and gas industry. As a sovereign nation, we must define and enforce our borders. We need a big fence with gates that welcome an orderly and lawful immigration. New Mexico’s liberal rule is the good old boy or patron system that keep the citizens poor and uneducated.”

Sanchez, the youngest of eight children, was born and grew up in Albuquerque’s North Valley. He started Right Way Roofing, a small business in Albuquerque, after high school. In 1993, Right Way Roofing was named Small Business of the Year by the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce. Sanchez was elected to the state’s second highest office on Nov. 2, 2010. His great-great-grandfather was a territorial legislator from San Miguel County in the 1860s.

Sanchez was previously elected trustee in the Village of Los Ranchos and also served in the New Mexico House of Representatives. In 2005, he was recognized as one of the Top 40 Most Influential Hispanics in the country.

Sanchez and his wife, Debra, are the proud parents of two grown daughters and reside in Albuquerque.

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