Hazel Ruth Hubble Ninnemann

July 15, 2014 • Obituaries



Hazel passed peacefully from this life on 7/11/14 after a seven-year battle with dementia. She is now in Heaven with God, her struggle finally over.

Hazel was born in El Centro CA, December 24, 1943, a Christmas baby. Her family eventually settled in Roswell where Hazel grew up and went to school. Later she lived in Virginia and North Carolina for several years. After moving back to Roswell in 1982, she married Terry in July 1984. She was a lifelong writer and an original member of the Joy Writer’s group in Roswell. Login to read more

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  1. billandrina says:

    We are so sorry for Your loss. Niether one of us could make the service.Bill was working and I have all my issues to deal with. Please know if there is anything We can do. Like just come by when want to talk and reminisce about Hazel,You know we , especially me loved Hazel dearly.! She was always shining Jesus Light. Even after she was not doing well, Her eyes reflected Jesus” Light!!!! Please come by anytime, And we are still in the book. Bill and Rina

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