King: State losing teachers due to “high-stakes testing”

July 13, 2014 • Local News

Gary King, Democratic candidate for governor, was one of the speakers Friday at the grand opening of the Democratic Party of Chaves County’s new office in the Wilshire Plaza. King said that New Mexico is losing teachers at an alarming rate because of “high-stakes testing.” King said [auth] out of a 180-day school year, students will spend 80 days either preparing for or taking standardized tests. Teacher evaluations are tied to how well their students perform on the tests, and that each year, $80 million is sent out of the state to the companies who design the tests. King said New Mexico ranks 50th in child welfare, but the worst of it is that it is a “lower 50th” than last year. He said 36 percent of the state’s children live in poverty. King is running against the Republican incumbent, Susana Martinez, who was in Roswell last week to announce tourism revenue for the state. Seated at left is Roxanne “Rocky” Lara, the Democrat challenger to incumbent U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce for the District 2 congressional seat. (Timothy P. Howsare Photo)

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One Response to King: State losing teachers due to “high-stakes testing”

  1. thowsare says:

    Governor Susana Martinez is committed to improving education and moving our state forward, and her reforms are already having an impact. The graduation rate in New Mexico is growing at a faster pace than any other state in the country, with minority and low-income students making the largest gains. We cannot turn back now, but that’s exactly what Gary King will do.”
    -Chris Sanchez, spokesman, Governor Susana Martinez

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