Sheriff candidates raised more than 71K

July 9, 2014 • Local News

The four Republican candidates for Chaves County sheriff collectively raised $71,765 in the GOP primary, equating to about $16.50 per vote.

Sheriff-elect Britt Snyder, who defeated Pat Barncastle by just 12 votes, raised 73 percent of the funds raised by Barncastle, according to fourth and final primary campaign finance reports that were due July 3 with the New Mexico secretary of state office.

The reporting period covers May 28 through June 28. The primary elections were June 3.

Snyder, who is unopposed in November’s general election, raised $19,880 in his bid to succeed Sheriff Rob Coon.

Barncastle raised $27,464.

Broken down per vote, Snyder raised $11.89 for each of the 1,672 votes he received, while Barncastle raised $16.54 for each of the 1,660 votes he received.

Both of the top-tier candidates have nearly emptied their campaign war chests.

Snyder reported a balance of $96 as of June 28, while Barncastle reported $355 cash on hand at the close of the most recent reporting period.

Arthur Fleming and Gary Graves, who came in third and fourth, respectively, each topped $10,000 in their fundraising.

Fleming reported raising $13,690.

Graves reported raising $10,731.

Both Fleming and Graves closed the most recent reporting period with zero remaining funds.

Broken down per vote, Fleming raised [auth] $23.76 for each of the 576 votes he received, while Graves raised $24.17 for each of his 444 votes.

In total, 4,352 ballots were cast in the sheriff’s race. There were no contenders in the Democrat primary.

Barncastle led the pack in fundraising throughout the sheriff’s race.

As of May 27, the end of the third primary reporting period, Barncastle had raised $26,211.

Snyder at that point had contributions of $19,380, while Fleming had raised $13,690, and Graves had raised $9,897.

The four candidates had collectively raised $69,178 through May 27.

As of May 5, the last day of the second primary reporting period, Barncastle had raised $21,556, while Snyder had raised $17,160. Fleming was a close third at that point, having raised $13,540. Graves had raised $7,458 as of May 5.

The four candidates had collectively raised $59,714 through May 5.

In the fourth and final primary reporting period, Snyder reported expenditures of $3,348.

Snyder’s expenditures in the last reporting period included $1,221 to Alpha-Omega Printing of Roswell for mailers, $748 to the U.S. Postal Service for postage, $471 to BWD Global of Albuquerque for robo telephone calls, $410 for a half-page ad in the Roswell Daily Record, and $359 to Carmine’s Authentic Italian Eatery for election night food and beverages.

Snyder had just one monetary contribution in the fourth and final reporting period, a $500 donation from the Hunt Law Firm of Roswell.

Barncastle reported expenditures of $1,280 in the final reporting period. His expenditures included $214 to Radio Amigo of Roswell for radio advertising, $127 to KBIM Radio for an ad, $104 to Domino’s for election night snacks, and $98 to the postal service for postage.

Barncastle had $1,253 of monetary contributions in the last reporting period. His contributions included a $500 donation from DBS Commodities, of Dexter, a $300 donation from Nathan Korn, of Albuquerque, and a $150 donation from Larry Montano, of Roswell.

Barncastle had 11 other monetary contributions in the fourth primary reporting period, all ranging from $10 to $70, which included six individual contributions of $20 each.

Barncastle’s campaign had $2,000 of unpaid debt as of June 28. Barncastle’s campaign repaid $500 of its debt to Barncastle in the fourth primary period. Barncastle loaned his campaign the $500 on Oct. 7.

Fleming also unloaded his war chest in the final primary reporting period with expenditures of $1,900.

Fleming’s largest expense was an $1,100 refund of a contribution from Mountain States Pecans, of Roswell. Fleming’s campaign committee also refunded a $49 contribution received from Fleming. Fleming’s campaign committee also reimbursed Fleming $85 for campaign expenses.

Fleming’s second and third largest expenditures in the most recent reporting period were $450 paid to Third Street Station for catering an election night party, and $200 paid to waiting staff at Third Street Station.

Fleming had no monetary contributions in the final primary reporting period. Fleming did have a $225 in-kind contribution from the Roswell Daily Record and a $21 in-kind contribution from Arcenia Fleming.

Graves reported expenditures of $834 in the final primary reporting period.

Graves’ largest expenditures were $482 paid to William Money, of West Palm Beach, Fla., for an ad, and $154 paid to Hispanic Target Media of Roswell for advertising in the final week of the campaign.

Graves had just one monetary contribution in the final primary reporting period, a $100 donation from Tandy Hunt of Roswell.

Graves loaned his campaign $734 on June 28, the same day the campaign forgave the $734 loan.

Graves’ campaign committee also forgave a $1,676 loan, a $1,098 loan and an $839 loan, all from Graves, in the final primary reporting period.

The forgiven loans mean Graves personally will not be repaid for $4,348 of funds he loaned his campaign committee.

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