Reed family abduction case: Mystery, danger remain

July 9, 2014 • Local News

Thom Reed at the UFO Museum during this year’s festival. (Jerry Heck Photo)


Thom Reed was among the presenters at UFO Festival last weekend, standing next to a painting on the Abduction Wall in the Roswell UFO Museum.

The painting depicts Reed’s experience as a child. Although they have spoken on the telephone, Reed has never met the artist in person. In a telephone interview with the artist, Tom Warner, Warner explained that he made the painting after hearing a radio show on which Reed presented his story.

Warner realized that he was among the dozens of others who observed the same event. The radio station WSBS was flooded with calls during the broadcast. Warner and Reed lived just 5 miles apart.

Reed disagrees with the term “abduction” and prefers a more accurate description of his experiences as “confirmation” — the confirmation that others are “out there.”

The Reed family’s UFO encounters date back to the 1960s in the town of Sheffield, Mass. The Reed family case made local news in 1969 when it aired on WSBS Radio in Great Barrington, Mass.

The case has since made Fox News, Canada’s Morning Show and the Los Angeles Times. It was Login to read more

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