“Is anger, hate a real solution to immigration?”

July 8, 2014 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

On Sunday, July 6, The Roswell Daily Record published an article written by Mr. R.G. Bobby Villegas, which was titled; “Is anger, hate a real solution to immigration?” and who was billed as “Special To The Daily Record.”

In his article Mr. Villegas seeks to level a charge of “hate” and “anger” against Republicans, and those who speak out against the failed immigration policies of the Obama administration which has circumvented, ignored and broken federal immigration laws. Mr. Villegas’ field trip to FLETC allegedly revealed some “gross misrepresentations and untruths” contained in some RDR newspaper articles about immigration, as well as fabricated facts and misinforming our Roswell community; plus some “inflammatory statements” made by one of our state representatives, Candy Spence Ezell and Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh. The flawed method by which Mr. Villegas determined that these statements were inflammatory, untrue and misleading was to ask biased federal government representatives if these statements were true or not, and swallowed their response whole.

Mr. Villegas dutifully and subserviently took the word of these federal officials at face value, as factual and gospel without bothering to scrutinize them. Then he began his ill-researched and unsupported rant against Republicans and Republican elected officials to accuse them of “fueling the hate machine,” of course, I would expect nothing less from Mr. Villegas.

Mr. Villegas failed to mention that the Obama administration caused the current, out of control crisis in the first place. The current flood of illegals with regard to children and families mainly come from Guatemala, Honduras and El SalvaLogin to read more

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