“Is anger, hate a real solution to immigration?”

July 8, 2014 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

On Sunday, July 6, The Roswell Daily Record published an article written by [auth] Mr. R.G. Bobby Villegas, which was titled; “Is anger, hate a real solution to immigration?” and who was billed as “Special To The Daily Record.”

In his article Mr. Villegas seeks to level a charge of “hate” and “anger” against Republicans, and those who speak out against the failed immigration policies of the Obama administration which has circumvented, ignored and broken federal immigration laws. Mr. Villegas’ field trip to FLETC allegedly revealed some “gross misrepresentations and untruths” contained in some RDR newspaper articles about immigration, as well as fabricated facts and misinforming our Roswell community; plus some “inflammatory statements” made by one of our state representatives, Candy Spence Ezell and Roswell Mayor Dennis Kintigh. The flawed method by which Mr. Villegas determined that these statements were inflammatory, untrue and misleading was to ask biased federal government representatives if these statements were true or not, and swallowed their response whole.

Mr. Villegas dutifully and subserviently took the word of these federal officials at face value, as factual and gospel without bothering to scrutinize them. Then he began his ill-researched and unsupported rant against Republicans and Republican elected officials to accuse them of “fueling the hate machine,” of course, I would expect nothing less from Mr. Villegas.

Mr. Villegas failed to mention that the Obama administration caused the current, out of control crisis in the first place. The current flood of illegals with regard to children and families mainly come from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, because Mr. Obama, on his own initiative without due process of law, announced he would stop deporting young illegal immigrants who met the criteria under the proposed DREAM Act which is not Federal law, but is an old bill which has yet to pass in Congress after several attempts to do so. Mr. Obama has precipitated the crisis by confronting and ignoring Congress, and now he suddenly wants Congress to fix it … but only the way he and the Democrats propose. Ms. Ezell was right by stating that we need to have immigration reform, but I would remind Mr. Villegas that a lame duck president with the lowest popularity rating since Lyndon B. Johnson during the Vietnam War is not in a position to call the shots.
Because many statements in the Villegas article were not substantiated and clouded with ignorance, it contains incorrect and false information such as: “If the rules don’t apply regarding amnesty, they will all be returned to their respective countries. The minimum time they will stay is three days, and the maximum is three months.”

This statement is blatantly false, and Candy Spence Ezell is correct. Cases of individuals, family units and children apprehended along the border or at a port of entry claiming a “creditable fear” of persecution in order to seek a hearing before an immigration judge increased 586 percent from 2007 to 2013. Federal law, The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, requires the Border Patrol to transfer children from countries other than from Canada and Mexico to the Health & Human Services Department (HHS) which is “to act in the best interests of the child” within 72 hours after apprehension. Since the U.S. Government is overwhelmed and does not have near enough facilities to accommodate the flood of illegals, more than 90 percent of these children and families are released to the custody of a parent, relative, or family friend, and given a “permisos” (deportation notice) which requires the child and/or adult to appear in court at a future date to present their case. Families, women, and children are also given another document which allows them to board a bus to anywhere in the U.S., and travel freely during this time; they are also eligible to apply for some sort of humanitarian relief from the U.S. government. Very few of these illegals ever bother to appear for their court date and melt into the population without much regard for eventual apprehension. To date in 2014, permisos have been issued to 56,000 illegal families and unattended children. A June 2014 Border Patrol memo regarding illegal immigrants states that “Although economic and security concerns also influenced their decisions to travel to the U.S., the issuance of ‘permisos’ was the primary reason for leaving their countries. Subjects also indicated that ‘everyone’ in their home countries is aware that ‘permisos’ are being issued to family units in south Texas.” A Vanderbilt study states: “Because of the action, or inaction taken by the Obama administration “word is’ back in the region, ‘kids have a free pass.’
Border Patrol morale? Last month, Chris Crane, union representative for Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE) stated that morale is low in that organization, and somewhere between 60 to 110 agents per day who could be out protecting our borders are assigned to escort unaccompanied illegal immigrant children to visit relatives, or family friends. By the way, what documentation is presented by “families” to show that these children are truly theirs? According to the Border Patrol agents stationed along the South Texas Border, usually there is nothing presented to show a relationship of any child to a “family.”

Mayor Kintigh was correct with his statement about lack of coordination between local officials and federal authorities; there was virtually no advanced planning effort or coordination with local and regional officials with regard to the Federal Government’s decision to use FLETC as a detainment center for illegal immigrants. Local governments were deliberately kept in the dark, had no time to prepare, and afterward were told that they were basically on their own to deal with this situation.

An article was featured on the FOX News website which reported that the employees of a “holding facility” for illegal immigrants in San Antonio, Texas were threatened with their jobs if they revealed the number of people who arrive there who were infected with scabies, chicken pox, measles, lice, flu, tuberculosis and other communicable diseases. Surely the chain link around FLETC will protect us from these problems. Fortunately a few of these employees resisted this coercion to expose the cover-up. When Mr. Villegas asked if illegal immigrants would strain the FLETC medical system, the response from the federal official was; “No we have adequate staff… And if there are some who require immediate medical attention they will be transferred to Artesia hospital. Yes, we pay for it out of our tax money.” Is the government prepared to provide additional medical personnel? How will Roswell be affected? Just because this extra burden on our medical facilities is paid for by the government doesn’t mean that there will be adequate medical facilities and personnel necessary for all of us.

Throughout his article Mr. Villegas tries to justify his predilection for people who deliberately break the law, deceptive practices and abysmal government planning with misdirected and frivolous guilt trips, acceptance of statements at face value of biased federal officials, poorly supported facts, pure emotion, and ignorance of the law. While his article may be an effort to further his opinion and agenda, Mr. Villegas’ commentary certainly has little insight, and sparse value with informing us what is currently and truly happening with immigration in this country and how it really affects us, nor does it in any manner give any semblance of validity or creditability to the pathetic allegations and accusations contained therein.

Hudson G. Boue’

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