Dear Editor: 6-27-14

June 27, 2014 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

How many times does Keith Bell get to cross the line?

His Friday portrayal of pit bulls is a travesty! People abuse animals, making them mean. They aren’t born that way.

Stop breed discrimination. Don’t perpetuate it.


Carol Nail



Dear Editor,

On May 30, your newspaper published an insightful article by Mr. Glen Mollette titled “We must change how we raise our children.” He focused on the fact that most children, now-a-days, do not experience the feeling of accomplishment, which children of earlier generations did. This is, because young people are given so much to keep them entertained. Many arrive home from school, and without the responsibility of chores to do, they spend time in their rooms in front of computers, texting, posting on Facebook or on their expensive cell phones.

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