Illegal immigrants reportedly headed to Artesia

June 19, 2014 • Local News

Hundreds of illegal immigrants, many of whom are children, may soon be housed at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, sources told the Daily Record late Thursday.

One source with inside information of U.S. Border Patrol operations said the administration of President Barack Obama late Wednesday or early Thursday put the law enforcement training center on notice, and notified officials at the training center to begin making preparations to receive some of the thousands of illegal immigrants crossing into South Texas.

Another source, who also requested anonymity, said the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has commissioned a feasibility Login to read more

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  1. galaxy1 says:

    This is garbage. US taxpayers did not build the facility as a hotel for illegals. We have homeless vets that fought for this country, and need medical attention. If these facilities are going to be misused, use them for our vets that deserve them

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