Efforts to save supply building continue

June 16, 2014 • Local News

Citizens Group raises $50,000 for down payment


A group of citizens who b[auth] anded together on Saturday to save the Roswell Motor Supply building from destruction has already raised $50,000 toward the project.

Roswell Museum and Art Center Board of Trustees member Miranda Howe told the trustees the group had raised the $50,000, which was the amount needed for a down payment on the lot and building.

“We formed a civic action committee Saturday morning and we have been negotiating with the owners of the building to convince them not to destroy it,” Howe said.

The Roswell Motor Supply building was scheduled to be demolished on Sunday, with a plan of leveling the structure and reclaiming the wood and metal in the building for use in furniture.

The group, led by Trey Nesselrodt and Howe, succeeded in raising the $50,000 by Monday afternoon, but they will still need more donations to secure the property.

“This building is right on the edge of the downtown master plan, and it is one of the significant architectural structures that we want to save,” Howe said.

In a meeting organized by Nesselrodt and Howe on Saturday, the group discussed the initial plan with those who had already put up their money, as well as several other stakeholders downtown and Mayor Dennis Kintigh.

The group intends to form a nonprofit civic organization that would take ownership of the building, Howe said.

Nesselrodt described it as being similar to the structure of many community pools, where the non-profit would manage the property on behalf of the donors. The details of this, of course, is still being worked out.

The mayor is supportive of the plan to save the building, and said on Saturday that if the site were indeed saved, he would pursue city support and involvement to help preserve and utilize the site. He mentioned that once the site is secure, he would like to look into the possibility of putting a tourism and visitors center for the city of Roswell in one of the buildings, which the city would lease from the nonprofit.

He went on to say that utilizing the site in this manner would be the perfect place to put an informational kiosk, and would help direct tourist traffic to places like Main Street Arts, the Isaacs Gallery, The Liberty, Third Street Station or even Stellar Coffee.

“We would really like to see this become another location for the arts,” Howe said.

For more information or to help with the preservation effort, contact Howe at 914-0331 or by email at or Nesselrodt at 626-8626 or by email at

Checks can be made out to Roswell Interarts Organization with “Save Roswell Motor Supply” in the memo.


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