Final wishes important for families to know

June 12, 2014 • Local News

Gabriel Casaus, manager and funeral director at LaGrone Funeral Chapel, asks for a show of hands of everyone with automobile insurance during his discussion of pre-planning for funerals and final wishes at the Roswell Kiwanis Club meeting on Tuesday. (Randal Seyler Photo)


They say two things are inevitable in life — death and taxes.

Everyone complains about taxes, but most people don’t even like to talk about death. However, that lack of discussion eventually often leads to hard feelings and financial hardships for families.

“Everyone has insurance on their car, and most people have insurance against a house fire, but how many people have pre-planned their funeral?” asked Gabriel Casaus, manager and funeral director at LaGrone Funeral Chapel. “People buy insurance all the time for something that might happen, but not many buy insurance for something that is definitely going to happen to everyone sooner or later.”

Casaus was speaking to the Roswell Kiwanis Club on Tuesday about pre-planning for funerals and the different types of pre-planning insurance available.

“Typically, the pre-planning insurances programs are transferrable, from one funeral home to another and from state to state,” Casaus said, “and they typically are paid out in three -, five- or seven-year programs.”

The payment plan option is usually not available once a person reaches the age of Login to read more

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