16 dogs from kennel rescue heading to Colorado

June 12, 2014 • Local News

Surviving two animals from attack kept in quarantine


The 16 dogs from Doggy Saviors rescue that were not involved in Wednesday’s attack on a 9-year-old boy were scheduled to be shipped to Colorado on Thursday, according to city officials.

“Our position is if the dogs were not involved in the attack, and they are being taken out of state, then so be it,” said Mayor Dennis Kintigh.

On Wednesday morning, a pack of three pit bull terrier-mixed breed dogs attacked a 9-year-old boy, sending the child to the hospital.

The boy’s father shot and killed one of the dogs, and wounded a second dog, which was later euthanized by animal control officers.

The third pit bull-mix is being held for observation for rabies, as is a Lab-mix dog that was running with the other three animals [auth] but did not attack the boy. Neither of these two animals will be released to Colorado, Kintigh said.

“We are not going to release these 16 animals to local residents,” the mayor said. “I have my concerns about them. But if they want to take them to Colorado, then fine. They’re out of our community and they’re Colorado’s problem.”

The 9-year-old boy is out of the hospital and is recuperating at his great-grandmother’s house, said Cindy Prince, the boy’s paternal grandmother.

“He was dragged and his clothes were shredded off of him, he’s pretty bruised up,” Prince said on Thursday.

The boy was brought to a local hospital then flown to Lubbock, Texas, for advanced medical care. The doctors were concerned about the possibility of him having nerve or arterial damage, but he had neither type of damage.

“We had a real miracle there,” Prince said.

Jack Ferguson, the boy’s maternal grandfather, was not happy that the animals were being released to Colorado.

“I think they should all be put down,” Ferguson said. “We don’t know what kind of treatment they have had and we don’t know how they will behave.”

Animal Shelter director Joseph Pacheco disagrees with Ferguson.

“The majority of the animals had nothing to do with the attack on the boy — they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Pacheco said.

In fact, the dogs were at the Doggy Saviors rescue awaiting their transport to Colorado on Thursday before the mauling incident occurred, Pacheco said.

“We had them on the list for euthanizing, and the rescuers took them in to hold for Colorado.”

Doggy Saviors has worked with the shelter many times in the past, as have other local animal rescue groups, with a great deal of success.

“This was an unfortunate incident, but it is very rare,” Pacheco said.

When the dogs escaped their pens, they formed a pack, he said, and dogs may become more aggressive when they are in a pack.

A veterinarian was expected to be at the animal shelter at 5 p.m. Thursday to give the 16 animals their shots before they are taken to the Buck’n-R-Ranch Animal Rescue in Franktown, Colo.

“Every rescue group has a good heart,” Pacheco said. “They work hard to try and save these animals and find them good homes so they can have good lives. They want to save these animals and they mean well.”

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