Answers still sought in Singleton death

June 5, 2014 • Local News

By Randal Seyler
Record Staff Writer

In 13 days, TaCorey Singleton will have been dead one year — and no one knows why.
Sgt. Doug Perham, an investigator with the Chaves County Sheriff’s Office, is hoping someone will remember something that might shed some light on what happened to Singleton.
It [auth] was June 19, 2013, when deputies from the Chaves County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call of an abandoned vehicle off East Pine Lodge Road in the 4800 block of Calumet Road.
When officers arrived at 6:24 a.m., they found an empty 1995 Crown Victoria.
“The investigator got to looking around, and noticed a body in the bushes,” said Perham. “It was TaCorey Singleton.”
Singleton was found about 50 feet from the road. He had been shot multiple times.
The temperature that day had been predicted to hover around 102 degrees, and there had already been six murders in Chaves County that year — Singleton was number seven.
Upon examining the scene, it was plain that he had been murdered right there where his body was found, Perham said.
Singleton was 23 years old and had recently broken up with his girlfriend, Perham said. He also had gotten into trouble.
In the June 22, 2013, edition of the Roswell Daily Record, then-Lt. Britt Snyder said Singleton had family in Roswell and in Albuquerque, but was not himself a resident. Records list him as homeless. According to court records, Singleton had been arrested in May by the Roswell Police Department on charges of domestic violence.
Mayor Dennis Kintigh was the investigator in Singleton’s death in 2013.
“Specifically, we are trying to track his steps on June 16, June 17 and June 18,” Kintigh said in 2013. “We’d also like to know if he knew anyone in the area (around Pine Lodge and Calumet Roads) or any particular reason to be out there.”
Today, the same information holds true, the mayor said.
We’re going to need someone to come forward on this one,” Kintigh said. “It’s a true ‘whodunit.’”
“There were lots of rumors about what happened, but nothing ever concrete surfaced,” Perham said.
Singleton had family in Roswell and worked as a truck driver, Perham said.
According to Singleton’s Facebook page, he was a former truck driver at Werner Enterprises. Singleton attended Highland High School in Albuquerque.
Originally from Colorado Springs, Colo., Singleton’s Facebook page listed his hometown as Roswell.
Singleton was born on Jan. 23, 1990, in Roswell, to Jonathan M. Singleton and Charla C. Anderson.
He received his formal education in Chaves County and in Colorado Springs, according to his obituary.
A friend of Singleton’s, identified only as Micah, was quoted in the Roswell Daily Record on July 16, 2013, as saying he may have been the last person to speak to Singleton, saying that Singleton had received threats.
“I heard from him the Friday before he died. He called to tell me ‘I just wanted you to know how much I love you.’ That’s when I got worried,” Micah said. “He had asked me not to call him back and I respected that. When I heard he had been killed, I called the number and it had been disconnected.”
Micah said he wanted to set the record straight about Singleton.
“TaCorey was listed as homeless, but he had just broken up with his girlfriend. He was trying to work out issues in his relationship and was staying with family members, so he had no fixed address at the time of his death.”
One question the detective has is what happened to Singleton’s glasses. They weren’t found with the body, and Perham said Singleton wore them all the time.
“He wasn’t wearing contact lenses at the time of his death, according to OMI (Office of the Medical Investigator),” Perham said.
Perham wants the public to contact the Chaves County Sheriff’s Office at 624-6500, or Crime Stoppers at 888-594-TIPS (8477). He is looking for any information about the crime or about TaCorey’s whereabouts on the weekend prior to his death.
Perham said Singleton’s mother and grandfather call him every couple of weeks looking for answers. He doesn’t have any for them, yet.
“Some individual out there knows why TaCorey was out there, why this happened,” Perham said. “We’re looking for any information that can help solve this murder.”

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