Man attempts to hide under trailer

May 30, 2014 • Local News

Roswell Police arrested a man on fleeing and reckless [auth] endangerment charges — but not until they coaxed him out from under a trailer where he was hiding.

Daniel Munoz, 25, was arrested in connection with charges of aggravated fleeing from a law enforcement officer, and two counts of abandonment or abuse of a child due to the reckless endangerment of the two children occupying the vehicle, according to police.

On Thursday, Munoz was observed by a police officer driving at speeds well over the limit and running a stop sign.

Two children were occupying the vehicle along with Munoz. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle, and Munoz attempted to flee from the officer.

The vehicle came to a stop and Munoz exited the vehicle and fled on foot, according to police. Munoz jumped a fence and the officer did not see where he ran.

While searching the area, the officer learned from dispatch of a call reporting a man crawling under a trailer on the 1100 block of East Bland St.

Additional officers arrived at the trailer and attempted multiple times to communicate with Munoz, trying to convince him to come out from under the trailer. After Munoz refused to exit, an officer began to saturate the under belly of the trailer with pepper balls.

Munoz exited from underneath the trailer and was arrested.

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