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May 21, 2014 • Dear Editor

Dear editor,
I empathize with those veterans who have had to wait five-plus months for an appointment at VAMC Medical Center, Albuquerque.
I’ve had some of those and coupled with an approximate 400-plus round trip drive often in bad weather and poor road conditions it makes for a dangerous [auth] miserable trip. After all that wait time you may be sent home with nothing done for your medical problem as I was.
Canceling a VA appointment can be just as frustrating. They send you a card showing phone number (Artesia Clinic) to call to cancel. They say they cannot do that there for VA TV Neuro appointments.
They switch you to an extension in Albuquerque that is not answered. Sometimes you may be lucky and get a recording to leave a message (never answered). Usually it’s a busy number.
I’d like to know how many “noshows” VA has for all its appointments. With the VA director just wanting VA primary care doctors to see patients once a year it’s a challenge to make an appointment with a VA doctor within 14 days. That definitely needs to be changed.

Robert Allen

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