The upcoming magistrate judge election

May 21, 2014 • Dear Editor

Dear Editor,
The upcoming magistrate judge election to be held in early June has drawn a lot of attention regarding two candidates, Honorable K.C. Rogers, the current judge, and Mr. Arnett.
There is only one good choice for Roswell, and that is Judge K.C. Rogers. When considering experience, the [auth] question is whether Roswell voters prefer a law office employee of several years who earned the highest level in Boy Scouts, albeit a “good guy,” or a sitting judge with years of law enforcement experience who looks criminals in the eye every day to determine whether they are lying or are guilty of a crime.
Would voters prefer someone who has not been on the bench at all or someone who has the knowledge, background and credentials to be appointed by the governor herself?
The recent escalation of homicides and other serious crimes in Roswell must have citizens pondering their choices in this election. In this critical time, there is simply only one choice. That choice is to allow a good, common-sense professional judge to stay in the position where he is so critically needed.

Deborah Mulkey

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