Dear Editor:

May 18, 2014 • Dear Editor

As I write this letter, I am try[auth] ing to be as tolerant and objective as possible regarding the very apparent bias shown by the Roswell Daily Record toward some of the candidates vying for positions in the upcoming primary election.

One would hope that journalists with any degree of competency would remain ethical in reporting a story and not try to sway public opinion by stating half-truths and innuendo, either in print or by caricature.

I read with interest the editorial letter written by Mr. Andrew J. Cloutier in which he correctly states that Mr. Keith Bell has stepped far beyond common decency, and even journalistic license cannot mask his obvious personal attack on my son, Bobby Arnett.

Mr. Bell’s cartoon tries to make fun of Bobby by placing him in a Boy Scout uniform sitting next to his opponent during a candidate forum. In my opinion, and that of countless others, it is a point of pride that my son did in fact obtain the rank of Eagle Scout. We are quite proud of this and believe that Bobby will apply the tenants learned during his scouting years to the office of magistrate judge.

Bobby will treat people with respect and apply firm but fair punishment for crime’s committed.

It is true that Bobby does not have 30-plus years of law enforcement background, but this shoud be a plus instead of being portrayed by Mr. Bell as a detriment. He will not have the baggage that goes along with someone whose decision-making ability is rooted in seeing the worst society has to offer.

I most certainly agree with Mr. Cloutier that the Roswell Daily Record owes Bobby Arnett an apology for providing a platform to Mr. Bell. In lieu of an apology, we simply ask that the Roswell Daily Record change the policy that is apparently in place to one that is fair, informed and un-biased.

Let the voters of Chaves County make their own decisions. The voters are smarter than you think.


Eddie and Amy Arnett

Proud parents of Bobby Arnett


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