Dear Editor,

May 18, 2014 • Dear Editor

How often have you heard that all the world problems are cause by corporate greed fed by wasteful consumerism? That always seems to be the fall back position whenever I get the advantage in a critical analysis debate on energy. Instead of staying focused on the science and basic reasoning, the anti-groups will always say something about the children. When that happens, emotions take over and logic and reasoning go out the window. All the anti-groups whether: nuclear, fracking, GMO, government, corporate, etc, have the easy task of telling us what is wrong with the world, but fail to offer a workable solution. It takes money to solve the problems through innovative technology and that requires energy to do the work.

I don’t know anyone who is anti-electricity yet we have these ideological organizations that are trying their best to shut down all the nuclear power plants, all the coal-burning generating plants, all the fracking for natural gas projects and replace them with distributed wind [auth] turbine farms and solar panel farms. I have no words to explain this logic other than to say it is completely illogical and it seems to be more about being anti-BIG (big government, big corporate, big bank, etc.)Many corresponding friends on my Internet feeds believe that corporate greed is the primary source of climate change. My best argument to that is it will also take corporate greed to address climate change as well. Governments are trying to regulate industry to address climate change and that has already proven not to work. Germany’s attempt to change their course with renewable energy through regulations and subsidies is failing and the market is responding by reverting back to fossil fuels again. Why? It is cheaper to generate electricity with coal.

The utility companies have to show a return to their investors. Is that corporate greed energy winning out over government regulated green energy? I would say so. How do we get the corporate greed energy to become the green energy itself? That is the question and the answer is to make it profitable without taxing the hell out of the public.

The climate change reports are starting to be recycled every time there is a weather front passing through. Should we be concerned about climate change? Well, I am but not like some of these neo-environmental extremist. The market segment that should be concerned the most is the coal, oil and gas industries. Fossil fuels are the target for the climate change agenda. Governments are already starting to implement more regulations to curtail the use of fossil fuels for generating electricity. Therefore, it is my humble opinion that the fossil fuel industries should counter that with two frontal attacks; 1) continue to make huge profits from fracking everywhere they can and 2) invest in nuclear technology, both hot fission/fusion as well as cold fusion. If the energy companies of today want to remain kings of energy, they need to invest in research, development and commercialization of non-CO2 producing technology. Green, Baby, Greed.

For those of you who have read my previous 24 letters to the editor about energy resources know that I am an advocate for Thorium Molten Salt Reactors (hot energy) and most recently Low Energy Nuclear Reactors (cold energy). The two technologies are completely different but both will provide:

• Clean power (no burning of coal, oil, gas and no pollutants in the air/water),

• Safe energy (no concerning radiation or massive industrial fires),

• Safe abundant fuel source (thorium or water that will outlast our very own sun),

• Cost-effective use (factory built like an Ipad and almost too cheap to meter)

• Distribution (wherever needed and not wired to a national grid).

It’s time for the fossil fuel industry to switch from defense to offense by investing in newer technology and business models for the future of energy for all.


Martin Kral

Roswell, NM

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