Dear Editor:

May 14, 2014 • Dear Editor

Please institute or enforce some form of conflict-of-interest policy for your editorial cartoonist.

Mr. [auth] Bell is a talented caricaturist. In a small city like Roswell, an editorial cartoonist who focuses on current, local events is bound to hurt some feelings. However, it is inappropriate for him to pursue undisclosed personal agendas in your pages.

On your editorial page, Mr. Bell recently portrayed the two excellent candidates for magistrate judge — one in a very favorable light and the other in a demeaning manner. It is only fair that your readership know that Mr. Bell was not belittling a candidate, but rather attacking his ex-brother-in-law. Bobby Arnett supported his sister in a difficult divorce from Mr. Bell and strong feelings remain over that matter. It is completely implausible to believe that Mr. Bell was able to set all those feelings aside when drawing and writing that cartoon.

It is wrong for your paper to provide a platform for Mr. Bell to pursue a personal vendetta disguised as commentary on local politics. You owe Bobby Arnett, a fine man who will make an excellent magistrate judge, an apology.


Andrew J. Cloutier



Editor’s note: Mr. Cloutier’s concern has been brought to the attention of our cartoonist, Mr. Bell, who wants to assure readers that his cartoon was a commentary on the candidates’ qualifications and not motivated by a personal agenda.

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